July 29, 2010

SDCC: Day 3 Report

An amazing amount of awesome things happened the Saturday of Comic-Con.  I believe they mostly happened for one reason.  I got out of bed and put my Han pants on.

It was my day to cosplay Han Solo, and when you put on pants with Corellian bloodstripes and you strap on a very cool holster, it does something to your personality.  And apparently it brings good luck.  To start, Saturday was the first day of the convention that I spent headache free.  Until that point I was plagued with a roaring headache that I could only ignore by just moving.  It was a relief to wake up without my brain screaming.  The Han Solo costume was super comfortable, so I knew I'd be spending a lot of the day in the exhibit hall.  I had planned to see The Guild panel which was at a new room in the Hilton Bayfront.  But I heard that people were heading over before 10am for the 2pm panel, and I changed my mind.

A lady I knew was cosplaying Darth Vader, so we arranged to meet up at the Star Wars pavilion to take some photos together.  As I wandered around, drooling over the Han Solo in Carbonite Hallmark ornament for the third or so time, I spotted Dave Filoni.  He was in disguise without his hat, but he couldn't fool me.  In a moment of bravery (that I don't normally have), I walked up and said hello.  I told him how The Clone Wars really brought me back into the Star Wars universe and gushed about my Her Universe Ahsoka tee (his design).  He thanked me and took a photo with me.  He was so nice.  I could have done a cartwheel, but I'm uncoordinated and there wasn't room anyway. 

I walked to the bathroom, which I wouldn't normally talk about, but while there I passed Felicia Day.  I headed back to the Star Wars pavilion and noticed that Aaron Douglas was sitting for a signing and no one was in line.  I stopped and exchanged what was in my head, witty banter.  He had made an appearance at w00tstock that was hilarious, so I said so and expressed my Chief Tyrol love.

Lady Vader arrived and we posed and played around.  I left her to wind through the exhibit hall.  When I stopped to say hello to a certain Geek Girl Diva, Jane Espenson and Bob Harris were signing.  My nerd heart almost exploded.  To the point where I was pretty dumb and speechless, and GGD had to help me out.  I grabbed signatures and a photo and warned them that I was nerding out.  Of course, after I walked away, I thought of tons of intelligent and appreciative things to say.  Ah well, even the Han pants can't help with everything.

I spent a lot of time Saturday wandering the aisles of Small Press.  I stopped by Travis Hanson's booth and started a hardbound sketchbook.  I don't know why I didn't think of these like five conventions ago.  I managed to grab four more sketches, so a good start.  I look forward to filling up the pages.  I won't remember all the comics I bought until I unpack that bag, but I know I got the first collected trade of Love and Capes and a book by Curio & Co.  I covered a lot of ground, and I was tired and decided to go sit down early for the 6:30pm Her Universe panel.

I was shocked when I got to the room around 5pm; no people were standing in line.  I ducked right into the ongoing panel (about the military in comics) and sat in the second row.  I couldn't believe my dumb luck when I realized the panel right before Her Universe featured Chris Gore and Kevin Smith for Film Threat.  Not bad at all.  I was two rows away from Kevin Smith without waiting in a three-four hour line for his Hall H show later that evening.  Smith and Gore were a little late arriving, possibly because of the stabbing that happened in Hall H.  We didn't know much at that point.  Anyways, the panel was hilarious and um, very colorful.  I'm pretty sure I saw a lady taking her kid out of the room a few times.

The Her Universe panel, moderated by Ashley Eckstein, that followed was very girl empowering.  It included female writers, comic artists, a SyFy exec, and Lucasfilm employees.  Yeah, it will be another post.  I got to meet Bonnie Burton after and grab a pic with Ashley.

I wrapped up the day with a mediocre, but satisying Indian meal (I bet you thought I was going a different way with that) and was asleep by midnight.


  1. Wow, sounds like another amazing day. I'm trying to decide which awkward way I'd behave if I went to Comic-Con and saw awesome people: Stop in my tracks and stare speechless, or go all creepy and try to hug everyone? OMG Felicia Day in the bathroom? Hug! Aaron Douglas with no one in line? Hug! It could be really bad.

  2. Award winning Solo/Vader combination! XD

  3. I think I should always dress as Han Solo. Always. :D It worked out well for me!

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