July 30, 2010

SDCC: Day 4 Report

Oh, day 4 of Comic-Con. The last day began with a combo of sadness and relief (a day or two later it just turned to sadness, I miss my people!).

Re-packing my bags was a challenge since I had added new shirts and more than a couple of comics and prints. Then there was the random swag. I played tetris and eventually got things squished the hell in there carefully stowed away. In any other crowd, the sheer amount of stuff I had would have made the valet grumpy, but I wasn’t the only one with a whole bag just for costume shoes.

By the time packing was finished, I had about three hours to get over to the convention center and walk the exhibit hall before turning the car north to get a fellow geek girl to the airport. I wanted to really go through Artists’ Alley and visit a few more creators who were recommended by friends.  This last day, it kinda all blurred together.  I purchased a few items like a comic from Scott Wright of Team Spectacular and a sketchbook from Cat Staggs.  Actually, I bought a handful of sketchbooks this year. I seem to be starting a collection of those. They are a great way to get a feel for an artist’s work, they are affordable, and sometimes for free or a nominal fee the artist will throw in a quick sketch too. 

I said goodbyes and talked with new and old friends.  I walked out of the exhibit hall, pressed through the crowds, and said so long for now to Comic-Con.


Since I had a short day on Sunday, I’ll wrap up my reports with my con highlights:

- meeting great people from Twitter and running into them all over the convention
- getting to talk with Ashley Eckstein
- meeting Dave Filoni
- having a 12 or so year old boy hug me because he was so happy to see a girl dressed as Han Solo
- cosplaying Han Solo
- getting my sketchbook started
- Geek Girl Tweet Up. Enough said.
- a pile of new small press/indie comics to read
- the cozy and quiet courtyard in my hotel
- having a small geek girl slumber party the night before the con started
- taking a relaxed approach instead of trying to cram in all the panels on my schedule

I'll have just a few more panel reports for you guys, and then we'll wrap up SDCC and get back to our regularly scheduled programming.


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