July 20, 2010

SDCC: Go see these people

Here's my list of artists and vendors you should check out while you're at SDCC, I will be.  I'm sure I'll come back from the con with a bigger list to check out for next year.

Artists' Alley
Katie Cook, table GG-02 - Mini paintings, sketch books, cat comic, and other awesomeness

Tom Hodges, table GG-01 - He will be doing a variety of sketches, click that link to see his work and what he'll be offering

David Petersen, table GG-09 - You probably recognize his name from Mouse Guard.  He will selling books, posters, sketchbooks, and taking a few comissions

Small Press
Bean Leaf Press, Travis Hanson, table E11 - visit for an absolutely free sketch, The Bean comics, buttons, and prints

Exhibit Hall
Steam Crow, booth 4207 - Prints, limited edition sculpts, steampunk goggles

Quantum Mechanix, booth 3251 - SDCC exclusive t-shirts among other kick-ass things

Entertainment Earth, booth 2343 - toy exclusives, celebrity signins

Club 408 Graphics - Zoomies, booth 1907 - artist and author James A Owen will be there

Supa Pirate Booty Hunt, booth 5532 - fun animated series, and they'll have a very cool toy!

Her Universe, part of Lucasfilms booth 2913 - great Star Wars merchandise for girls.

Skellramics, table 2447 - they'll have jewelry from Surly-Ramics


  1. Have a total blast! This looks like an awesome event. Can't wait to see photos and hear all about what you do and who you see (and of course what you wear)!

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