July 26, 2010

SDCC: My Favorite Costumes

Comic-Con was awesome. I know I toss that word around enough that it may not seem like I mean it, but really - it was awesome. I will be spending the rest of the week giving you my highlights and I'll be reporting on panels on a couple of other websites. This will be in between unpacking my costumes, playing with my new toys, and reading my new comics. Priorities, you know.

For today, I thought I'd share some of my favorite costumes I saw over the weekend. To see additional photos, please visit my Facebook page.

Not sure of the character, but great bodypaint!

SDCC Day 3
That's Lady Vader to you

SDCC Day 3
Love this take on the Mad Hatter

SDCC Day 3
Boba and Vader pimpin'

Great make-up!

Best Little Mermaid costume ever!

SDCC Day 4
Creepy and beautifully done troll

SDCC Day 4
I mean, look at the amount of cute in this photo!


  1. Pimp Vader! I would never have thought of that!

  2. The first pic is most likely Cortana from the HALO games. The last pic is simply adorable.

  3. I agree with Clint, the first pic of the blue gal is Cortana from Halo.

    The Boba Fett and Vader PIMPS were actually on G4TV's coverage of SDCC. I was actually hoping to see more familiar faces while watching that!

  4. Mary - the pimp Vader & Fett totally played the parts too. Plus Vader looks like he's wearing a coat from Samiah (best. coats. ever).

    Clint - Aha, I do not know Halo, thank you! The little Batgirl was being so shy, it cracked us up.

    DarkShinobi - They were great costumes; I've been thinking about going back and watching some of G4TV's coverage... but I didn't hear great things.

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