July 8, 2010

Shiny Webcomic Thursday - Wapsi Square


Who doesn't need a little supernatural in their daily comics?  And what if those supernatural occurrences happened to take place in a world where women are the primary characters?  Yeah, you'd have a pretty kicking comic.  What a coincidence that I'm featuring a comic with those things today - Wapsi Square by Paul Taylor.

Before I go into why I enjoy this webcomic, let's get an obvious thing out of the way.  Yes, girls have boobs.  Yes, the girls in Wapsi Square have not small ones.  Okay?  Okay.  The comic does not demean women in any way, and in fact, does quite the opposite.

Wapsi Square is a tale set in modern Minneapolis.  The comic follows the life and times of Monica Villarreal; she is an anthropologist with a strong connection to Aztec mythology.  As Taylor states, "Wapsi Square's dark humor and macabre fantasy create a world almost exactly like the one you want to believe you live in."  It's an accurate description.  I read the comic because I like reading about a world that has fantastical possiblities but isn't entirely a fantasy.  The comic is also a story about strong females.  Though they have issues aplenty, they also have the gumption and wherewithal to tackle them.  Despite their flaws or secrets, their strength of character rings true.  Their personalities are clear and very real.  You go through their ups, downs, and lulls with them.

I also enjoy Taylor's art and presentation.  His style is fluid and professional.  It has a crisp edge to it.  He uses shades of gray with the black and white images so well, that you almost feel like the comic is in color.  He also keeps the pace of the storytelling just right.  I tend to go through webcomics in spurts, catching up about once a month or so.  When I get to this comic, I can't stop clicking to the next one.  In some ways, it feels just like reading a novel.  Not hurried, not crammed with so much action that the plot suffers, just right.

Check out the first strip of Wapsi Square here.  It started back in 2001, and keep in mind that the webcomic has gone through some changes.  It started out as more of a "day in the life of" and changed once an Aztec deity enters the picture.  A deity roaming about would cause some major changes.  The change starts around 2004.  I like it because you get a chance to know the characters in a normal setting before they are tangled up in a complex storyline.  Taylor has a great page with the cast members here.

Wapsi Square
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