August 11, 2010

Fanboy Scouts - Get Your Geek Merit Badge!

Sometimes - or more than sometimes - I think that I deserve merit badges for things like: making five dozen cookies that look like Yoda, having an EE Lord of the Rings marathon, or reading all of Girl Genius in a single sitting.  Until now, tangible recognition for these things wasn't an option for me.  Sure, I'd get pats on the back from the internet but when everyone forgets about my impressive feats the morning after, what then?

Well lucky for all of us, a company called Fanboy Scouts is here to validate you with embroidered badges.  I wasn't in the Girl Scouts, but I've seen merit badges and I was jealous.  Now I can get my very own scout patches, and in my opinion, they are infinitely cooler.  In their words:

"Simply put, a Geek Merit Badge is an embroidered patch that represents your ability to achieve specific skills, goals and adventures from fictional universes of literature, movies, t.v. video games and more. Like the Boy Scouts of America, we offer high-quality, 100% embroidered patches with unique designs that show the world what you have been a part of."

Check out their site to view the first collection they have available, and you can make suggestions - as many as you want.  If they choose your design, you'll get 10 free merit badges!  They'll consider custom orders too.  You know you want badges for your gaming group or especially for your next gaming tournament.  I plan to get several to give as gifts to my fellow geeks.

Listen to Brian of Fanboy Scouts chat about how the idea came about and more on the Power Geeks podcast from last week.


  1. *whew* I'm sooo glad I'm not the only geek-girl who read GG in one sitting!

  2. I need to earn them though. I can't just buy them. They need a way of earning achievements that give you the ability to purchase them. Like you have to pass a quiz on LOTR before getting the mount doom badge. You know, so only true geeks can get them.

  3. 1. FRAK; you need to stop blogging about things that I end up wanting to buy! :p

    2. I'm not sure whether you can answer this, but how do small companies like this get to use/refer to things like the Kessel Run? I thought George Lucas got all copyright-stompy on people's asses for stuff like that? My flatmate and I had a fun idea for a project, then realised we might get sued if we tried it... needless to say, it killed the fun!

  4. Easily - definitely not! In fact, sometimes I go back and re-read in single sittings.

    Budd - I like this idea, but I think it would be hard to prove... maybe they could at least have a couple of badges like that.

    Mary - I wish I would stop finding them!

    For the licensing stuff, I think what most people do is just proceed until they get a cease and desist. For example, a certain awesome soap that has been around lately - not licensed.

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