August 6, 2010

Geeky Pasties

Today, I bring you super high brow information.  I have scoured the internet to bring you geek themed pasties.  Yes, I typed pasties.  You never know when you might want to put on a burlesque show (public or private), or it could just be fun to wear these under everyday clothes. 

I have to confess that I am pasties virgin; I may have to change that for some of these finds.

Golden Snitch pasties found on Craftster.  The creator hand sewed on strips of sequins and added applique wings.

Ms. Pacman pasties from this Etsy seller, bright colors and cute designs.

1-Up Mushroom pasties from Lady Tornade - Hey, I couldn't sew on that many sequins without getting cranky.  I like the design, and the same site also has sequined Pac-man designs.

Batgirl pasties from Gothfox Designs.

Also from Gothfox Designs, raygun pasties!  I'm curious to know what the accompanying outfit looked like.

Skull & crossbone pasties in a few different color schemes from this Etsy seller

Librarian themed pasties from Craftster - I love the miniature book tassels!

You might notice a glaring absence of some obvious (in my book) - no Rebel Alliance logos, no Browncoat anything, no light up LED patterns, and what about Starbuck's mandala?  If you're feeling inspired, you can learn how to make pasties right here (that link is NSFW).


  1. Much like bacon, pasties just make those better. ;)

  2. Hmmm LEDs.... tricky that, getting a battery and circuits in something that has to be able to hang on tight.. :)

    1. check out my patent pending LED pasties....

  3. My favs are the Golden Snitch pasties! Too funny!

  4. Seriously... we need to get one of these people to make Companion Cube Pasties...

  5. I like the snitch ones, and the Batgirl ones. But I agree--there should definitely be Rebel Alliance insignia ones, and Starbuck's mandala would be awesome.

  6. Admit it, my porn post inspired you! ;)

    I had to LOL and LOL and LOL once I realised what this was about, because in the UK, these are pasties;

  7. I clicked on this thinking you were writing about Greeky Pastries, missy. I'm shocked {and still craving baklava}!! But while I'm here, let's see. I'm rather taken with those Golden Snitch and Librarian ones...

  8. DarkShinobi - bacon + pasties = a better world. Oh, oh! What about pasties that look like bacon?!!

    Marion - hehe, and something that tiny. Tricky indeed!

    Juliana - Those make me so happy. Plus the sequins on them are in a pretty pattern.

    @lly & Eleni - so many possibilities. It's definitely in the back of my brain to make some of these ideas.

    Mary - It is all your fault!

    And would you believe that when I searched for geeky pasties, I actually found the pasties you reference in the shape of dinosaurs? It made me laugh.

    Shell - I am a bad influence, what can I say? ;)

    Havisham - right?! You could have a different pair for every day of the week!

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