August 4, 2010

Geeky Tattoo Series - X-men Tattoo

It's been a couple of weeks since the last post in the geeky tattoo series.  Angel of Nerd Angel sent me a photo of this fantastic X-men tattoo, and I knew I had to feature it.

How long have you had the tattoo?
I haven't had it for very long. I got it done this past January for my 26th birthday, so less than a year.

How long have you been a fan of X-Men / what made you decide to get it?
Assuming my brain isn't playing tricks on me I believe I picked up my first issue of X-Men when I was in the third grade. I was pretty hooked on the powers, the action, and of course the artwork. What I didn't notice as a kid was that comic books were teaching me to read and making me into a fan of reading as a whole when so many of my classmates didn't care for it. It was years before I started to make the connection between my good grades in school and how much of that came from my ability to read well. All of this led to me getting the tattoo as a nod towards the X-Men as a whole and as a sign of my appreciation because of the unexpected impact they had on my life.

Did you get any flak from loved ones for it?
No one really knew I was getting it so I didn't hear anything beforehand. Once it was done I did get some weird looks from certain members of my family. Trying to explain why I got it to somewhat traditional Mexican family members usually just leads to an "okay" and an odd expression.

Did you design this for the artist?
I actually went in and asked the artist to come up with a design for me. He knew who the X-Men were of course, and was able to get reference photos of the log easily to adapt. When I saw his results I thought it looked good but it just wasn't for me. I wanted to strip it all down and go with something very simple, almost abstract, so we changed it up and got to work.

How many people recognize it?
That has actually been a lot of fun. There are plenty of people who have no idea what it is, which I suppose means my abstract idea worked since they can see the X once I tell them what it is. When it comes out that the X is for the X-Men I often just get weird looks, occasionally get asked for an explanation, and other times I get a high five. Most of the people who are comic fans do a little double take since they aren't sure if it is what they think it is at first sight. It is people, I'm that much of a nerd. :)

Any future geeky tattoos planned?
Not at this time. This one took a long time to settle on and has so much meaning for me that I can't think of something else I'd want. Right now anyways. I have the itch that people have talked about to just get more done. I'm sure one day I'll have a spark of inspiration but until then this is it for me.
I'm always looking for more tattoos to feature. If you have a tattoo based on anything geek, please email me. I'll need a photo, and I'll ask just a few questions.


  1. That is pretty cool. It is so dark it almost doesn't look real.

  2. I always get really excited when I hear about comic books helping people learn to read!

    If parents come in looking for something for their kids, and they really aren't into reading, it's an angle I always try... some are more receptive than others.

    Awesome tattoo XD

  3. I love the clean lines of this tattoo; it definitely grabbed me right away.

    Mary - and that is why you rock! I recently tried this on my boss. Her very young child doesn't seem at all interested in books, but I think he might at least be interested in comics.

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