August 3, 2010

Giveaway - Comic, BPAL, Star Wars, & Pez

I have determined, in honor of my definition of Geek History Month, that a giveaway is in order.  It's an epic combination of random, cool things if I do say so myself.  Behold:

What Can I Win?!
Well, your fabulous prize package includes:
- The Dr. Solar / Magnus comic from Free Comic Book Day.
- A Princess Ariel Pez dispenser (with refills!)
- A collectible Star Wars Disney pin - Mickey Mouse as Anakin Skywalker
- Four RANDOM Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab imps

The Rules:
1. Leave a comment on this post by 9:00pm Pacific Standard Time on Saturday.  Tell me one of these things: your favorite BPAL scent if you've tried one, your favorite Star Wars character and why, or why you want this package.
2. You can only enter once.
3. You must live in the US to be eligible. I will be shipping these packages via UPS, so I will need a street address if you win, not a PO Box.

After the deadline, I will choose a name from the eligible comments using a list randomizer.  I'll update the post with the winner and notify them via the comments.


  1. Favorite BPAL Scent: Event Horizon with the (sadly now extinct) De Sade as a close second.

  2. My favorite Star Wars Character: Ta'a Chume. She's a bitch and she's got power, and she's one hell of a schemer. Therefore, she pretty much rocks.

  3. My favorite star wars character would have to be Asajj Ventress. Because 1.) Siths rule 2.) It's great seeing a strong female character who can kick serious ass, plus she duel wields, why woudln't she be my favorite? 3.) It is possibly the first and only time I would ever find a bald woman attractive.

  4. Favorite star wars character is still probably Luke Skywalker. I'm old school, grew up watching his story via the original trilogy. Always liked Han and Lando but I will always identify with Luke and his coming of age/getting more awesome with a lightsabre story.

  5. Fav BPAL scent is Lady of Shallot. Great poem, great painting, great perfume.

  6. Favorite Star Wars character? Hmm, am I allowed to choose someone from Knights of the Old Republic? Because HK-47 was hilarious--the whole "organic meatbag" thing still cracks me up. Otherwise I guess I'd go with Han Solo because he's roguish and hot, but that's kinda cliche.

  7. Favorite non-movie Star Wars character would be Mara Jade. Because she is a strong female character who starts off evil and turns good and marries Luke. ^_^

  8. Absolutely favorite BPAL scent is Lust. Gotta love something named after my favorite sin!

  9. I want this package to give to my little girl. She is 2 and a half years old. We have a new baby boy that will be delivered on Monday (9th) by C-section. I love my daughter so much and I want to give her something nice to help ease the pain of no longer being the baby of the house.

    She loves the Little Mermaid and she loves candy. The Pez dispenser would just rock her world. She loves to read. Every night I have to negotiate down the number of books she wants to read by nightlight as she goes to bed from over 10 to a select few. She would love a comic book to look at (this would be her first). She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and she likes Star Wars. Some of her early words were Wookie and Ewok. And she loves to smell things. She likes to be held up to smell flowers, food that is cooking, etc. She is a good sniffer. So she would like the perfumes too.

    Of course, I would supervise all play with the dangerous components of the package cuz I am a responsible Dad.

  10. My favorite Star Wars character has to be Han Solo, why because he is a total bad ass! He's so cool he doesn't say I love you back! Gotta admire that toughness! I want to be like him, have an awesome blaster and wookie for a best friend!


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  12. I would like to win this, because at age 56, i have not won anything in my lifetime, i swear, at least that i can remember, & would like to win something before i leave this realm. Tony,e-mail addy

  13. I would like to win this because most of the people I love were at SDCC, which is something that before last year, I would never have said. My very favorite Star Wars character is Chewie, possibly because at age four, in 1977, looking up at the screen and seeing this sort-of cross between a shaggy-dog and a BAMF teddy-bear who hung around with Han-the-hottie-BAMF, and got to do really cool stuff was not only cool, but reassuring. He couldn't, "talk," but he was still AWESOME. (I was four, Idk.)

  14. It looks like Amber is the winner!!

    Thank you all so much for participating! I will do another giveaway in a few weeks.

    Amber- please email me with your information.

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