August 23, 2010

Giveaway - Star Wars Stuff!

What better time than a week after Celebration V to giveaway some awesome Star Wars goodies?  And no, it's definitely not because I just finished unpacking.  In my smuggler's hold (read - my closet) I also found some other gems that need loving homes.

Yes, you actually get everything shown in this photo.  Allow me to list them for you in clockwise order, starting with the top left:
- Star Wars temporary tattoos from Party City, 12 total
- Pencil that has Yoda on it and says, "A Jedi You Will Become, Read More You Must"
- Obi-Wan Kenobi Pez dispenser
- Celebration V Exclusive Anakin Skywalker Foil Proof Card 
- Galactic Heroes Luke Skywalker
- Disney Star Wars pin - Donald Duck as Darth Maul
- And a SUPER cool, limited edition Jabba's Palace Grill poster from Tom Hodges

I know, you're thinking I should be keeping all this loot.  I either have duplicates (the poster, the card, the Pez) or though I love them, I don't collect them or have a place for them (Disney pin, Galactic Heroes).  Win for you guys!  Since I feel like this giveway is extra special, you guys have to work a little for it.

How to Win
Step 1: Comment on this entry
Step 2: Tell me who your favorite Jedi Master is and why
Step 3: Tell me which planet in the Star Wars universe you'd most like to spend a 5 day vacation visiting and why.

I will pick a winner at 9pm PST on Thursday.  I'm going to pull out the best ten answers and use a list randomizer to pick the winner from that group.  I'll need your address fast too; I want to ship your package before I'm out of the country for two weeks!

US residents only.  If you win, I will need your physical address as I ship via UPS.  If you're not comfortable with that, don't enter.  :)

The winner is C. Robert Dimitri!  Contact me with your address by Monday morning (8/30) to claim your prize.


  1. Favorite Jedi Master - Mace Windu. "This party's over." Enough said!

    I'd spend five days vacationing on Naboo because it's very safe (they couldn't get invaded twice!) and beautiful (despite the sand).

    Cool giveaway and thanks for the opportunity!

  2. Fav Jedi Master- Mace Windu Purple pimp light saber and he is One Bad Muther Effer.

    Tattoine. I think I would love to hang out at The Mos Eisley cantina, just to see the shoot outs.

  3. You are AWESOME! That is the only poster I need to complete my Tom Hogdes collection. I hope I win.
    My favorite Jedi Master is definitely Qui-Gon Jinn. I think his head was always in the right place and he was not as clouded by the dark side. If he had been alive during the Clone Wars he could have uncovered some things that other Jedi could not. He is the one that mastered ghosting also. He is the MAN. I hated that he was killed by Darth Maul, the best Sith in the saga.
    If I could visit any planet for a 5 day vacation my first choice would be Alderaan. I love the nature that it has to offer. I like to consider myself an outdoors person and I love to camp and fish. I hate going out into the woods and finding garbage left by lazy people. Alderaan has a beautiful environment that would offer a great 5 day vacation of camping and enjoying nature that has not yet been violated by litterers.

  4. Darth Duck looks pretty awesome. Same goes for the Anakin Foil Card.

    As far my favorite Jedi Master, I have to pick Qui-Gon Jinn. He was a rebel that thought outside the box and didn't submit to the conformity of the Council. Sounds JUST like me. Also, it was he that set in motion the events that totally changed Anakin's life. If Qui-Gon had lived and trained Anakin, it would have been drastically different than what we know the story to be.

    I wouldn't mind spending 5 days on Hoth because I actually like snow, and someone close to me likes to snowboard, so...that would be the perfect setting for both. Add to it some Tauntaun rides and plenty of imported Bantha Steaks flame broiled over an open pit...the abandoned Echo Base would be a good winter hideway.

  5. Sweet!

    My favorite Jedi master is Obi-Wan. Not because he was the greatest, but because even though he could contact Luke as a Force spirit after he died, he said nothing to him about why kissing Leia might not be such a good thing. He was there when Luke and Leia were born; you'd think he might have tipped a guy off.

    "Uh, yeah, so that princess? You might not want to pursue that much more. Just sayin."

    As for my favorite planet, I think I'd pick Naboo. It's gorgeous above and below the water. While Kashyyyk would be a cool place to hang out, I just imagine the whole place smelling like wet dog.

  6. My favorite Jedi master is Yoda. It's always been Yoda. Take a close look at all those scenes on Dagobah in The Empire Strikes Back. It's simply amazing the life that Frank Oz brought to that character; Yoda is arguably the most physically nuanced character in what I consider to be the greatest movie ever made, and he's a puppet! Yoda has both the comedic chops ("How do you get so big eating food of this kind?") and the dramatic weight ("You will be"). He's also something of an enigma in his personal depth. He has immense power, but he is flawed in failing to recognize the folly of the Jedi ways. He does what needs to be done to conquer the Dark Side, but he has a world-weary cynicism in his outlook. He has the most awesomely serene and wise theme ever composed by John Williams. And, of course, he structures sentences in an immortal and infectious manner.

    As for the other question, I would choose the forest moon of Endor for the five-day vacation, because those Ewoks certainly know how to party. "Yub nub!"

    Technically, though, that's not a planet. As such, I'm heading to Kamino for my five-day vacation. Obviously it's not a place I can live, so a five-day visit seems about right. With those storms and that immense tumultuous body of water, I know I could procure innumerable cool photographs of skylines and oceanscapes. I would of course take some seasickness pills before arriving.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Favorite Jedi Master: Obi-Wan Kenobi. Because he is Ben Fucking Kenobi. His story in the six movies is the one I love most. He also has the coolest clone commander, Cody, and gets to ride that awesome lizard thing, and likes to start bar fights (AND end them), and takes out Darth Maul, and-and-and-....

    Planet to visit: Naboo. All those waterfalls would make for some awesome photos!

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  9. Best Jedi Master would be Obi Wan. He was too cool in both incarnations.

    Naboo, in the hopes of Amidala being there. or maybe the second moon of Endor if it counts as a planet. I always wanted a pet ewok.

  10. Oh! This is going to be fun! I'm going to do this for my kids....
    Favorite Jedi Master: Yoda! He is wise; He is cute; He is Green! I also love to quote the powerful little guy! But most important, the character has had a positive effect on my kids. "Size Matters Not", resonates with them. We are all "vertically challenged", just like Yoda! He can do amazing things, so we can too!
    Vacation Planet: Naboo. I want to check out all the scenery. It looks so beautiful! Maybe my husband and I can renew our vows at the same spot where Padme and Anakin were married. And my kids would love to visit their Gungan friends at Otoh Gunga in Lake Paonga.

  11. My favorite Jedi Master is Mara Jade Skywalker because she began as the Emperor's Hand, became a smuggler, and finally chose to be a Jedi--and not just any Jedi; she marries Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. She also has a great sarcastic sense of humor and awesome hair (I'm really jealous of her hair).

    The planet I would like to visit would be Hapes. From the descriptions of the Fountain Palace in the Young Jedi Knights books, and of the Reef Fortress, this planet sounds like the ultimate vacation spot for someone who loves luxury as much as I do. An added bonus would be the room that Tenel Ka had in Fountain Palace that is made to resemble the rough and untamed landscape of Dathomir (my second choice for vacation retreat, as long as the Nightsisters are still MIA)

  12. Master = Luke he is the epitome of full circle. His father falls to the dark side via the emperor then Luke becomes a Jedi kills....(we all know the story of the IV-VI) but then Luke trains under the emperor after he comes back to life and then Luke falls to the dark side and is rescued by Leia only to ascend to Jedi master after all he learned from his losses.

    Planet: Alderaan - Pre 0 BBY and I don't have many words to say why but I think this picture says enough.

    Look at the mountians

  13. Favorite Jedi Master - Can we include Sith in this? If so then Darth Sidious for sure. If not, then Yoda. While he is a wise Jedi Master, I have a feeling he'd have a great sense of humor and be great to hang out with.

    Star Wars Planet to spend vacation? Aldaraan (before it was blown up obviously). If you go according to The Old Republic's vision of Aldaraan, its a serene snowy planet. Reminds me of a giant sky resort.

  14. Ooh, awesome!

    My favorite Jedi Master would have to be Yoda. No other Jedi Master is as wise, quotable, or adorable as Yoda. And, thanks to the prequel trilogy, we've seen that he can kick butt, too. There's not much that we can thank the prequels for, so we have to give him that.

    I'm a Knights of the Old Republic fan, so I'll have to throw in the KotOR vision of Dantooine: grassy hills where the weather is mild and perfect, and huge manta ray-like creatures float in the sky. If I'm picking a place out of the movies, though, I'd go with Cloud City (Bespin, since you asked for which planet). The resort district on the upper levels sounds like a luxurious vacation, and come on, it's a city floating in clouds!

  15. Great giveaway! I strive to be as cool as you one day! :D

    Fave Jedi Master is Yoda. Hands down! For so many reasons...guess I'd have to say the top one being I speak in circles too lol but seriously he's got a quote for every occasion! Works great for keeping my students on their toes! :D

    Vacation spot...Kashyyyk is the place for me! Why? It's EPIC in every way! You might think I'd pick Dagobah because what better place to spend quality time with the master himself, but since Yoda is known to have 'good relations with the Wookiees' (who also rawk) I'd just pick him up and we'd hop over to the best camping spot in the galaxy!

  16. Fave Jedi Master: Post ROTJ Luke Skywalker! I mean, geez, he's the future of the Jedi Knights and the New Hope. So yeah, easy choice there.

    Vacation spot: Endor. You've got the cool forest canopy for zip-lining, locals who can put on a rocking bbq and a gorgeous night sky for romantic evenings. Oh yeah, and vacation bungalows built into the treeline! Why would you go anywhere else? ;)

  17. My favorite Jedi Master is Yoda. He is emblazened as a tattoo on my left arm near my shoulder. He's been there for 14 years, and will be for the rest of my life. He was the only Jedi to know when his clones were going to turn on him, and he dealt with that betrayal without lettings his feelings get involved, and with a quickness and precision that is unmatched. His 900 years of life were filled with so much experience about life and the ways of the Force. Some of his teachings were so universal, that I have a poster at home, Everything I needed to know I learned from Yoda. and besides Luke, he was the only Jedi to be able to return from the Dark Side of the Force, and become a stronger Jedi because of it.
    My favorite planet to spend 5 days vacation would be Naboo. It appears to be so much like Italy in many ways, other than the fact that parts of it were filmed at Lake Como. It would be peaceful and calm.

  18. Kewl idea ur contest is & some very sweet swag!
    My fave Jedi would have 2 b Anakin. He was a very good general. His one true fault was his love of everything & never wanting 2 lose it. Then he turned in2 Vader he truly did not change much.
    My 5 day holiday would b on the planet of Mandalore. From all the descriptions it is a very nice farming world & Mandos do kno how 2 party!
    Thankx for the contest;)

  19. My favorite Jedi Master would probably be Yoda. "For eight hundred years have I trained Jedi" -- I would love to know more about those 800 years or to learn about the history of the Jedi from someone who was actually there to see it transition!

    As for planet, I love the view in Cloud City, does that count? I'm not sure I'd want to live there, but it'd be a beautiful place to spend a vacation, assuming Vader's not lurking about. I loved the guest quarters too! (and for this I'm going to go with Cloud City as in the 97 of the few changes I liked was the cutaway to see more of the beautiful sky outside.)

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Jedi Master: Yoda. He's small, he's green, and he kicks @$$. He trains Jedi, and he can lift an X-wing fighter with no effort. Oh, and the whole backwards-talking thing is cool too.

    Even tho it's the planet farthest from the bright center of the Universe, I think I'd like to visit Tatooine. I like the local scene. I'd have a drink or two at the cantina in Mos Eisley, and I'd be sure to schedule my visit so that I could watch a pod race.

  22. Qui-Gon Jinn is my favorite Master. He may have radical views, but he took hold of the room when he was around. I loved it. He's the reason why Anakin was even trained, though he kinda did it behind people's backs at first.

    I would love to go to Coruscant. I honestly don't know why, but everything I think of when I think of Coruscant reminds me of warm feelings. Maybe I had a dream involving it once... >.>

  23. My favorite Jedi Master is Plo Koon because in the video game Jedi Power Battles for the PS1 he was the strongest and slowest of the group and he has a gold lightsaber. Also, the action figure of Plo Koon, he has lightsaber gauntlets enabling him to hold at least 3 lightsabers at a time. Finally, in the Clone Wars he is one rather badass character and definitely needs more screen time.

    I would like to go to the forest moon of Endor, but I probably wouldn’t use the Star Tours Company to get there. Every time I’ve used their services, the passengers and myself have nearly been killed. First, the terminal of the Star Tours space port, is filled with broken druids and a defective shuttle. I hardly think that a defective shuttle is a symbol you would like to be showing off to your customers. The actual take off is jarring and the pilot almost crashes inside the port. On another occasion using their services, the pilot had come out of hyperspace right into the path of some comets. I’m not sure if it was the pilot’s fault or the astrodroid’s but I was certainly not happy about it. Lastly, the third time I tried taking a vacation to the moon of Endor, our shuttle got caught in a tractor beam from a Star Destroyer. If it weren’t for some rebel forces in the area we would have been taken hostage…or worse! Then the pilot decided it would be a good idea to fly into some trench on a space station, as if he was some rebel pilot from some desert planet with two suns. The worse part about these instances is that we never end up going to the moon of Endor!! The pilot just takes us back to the space port. I did not pay 75 credits just to be taken back where I started. How that pilot is still working there is beyond me.

  24. Reading through all your answers made me laugh so many times - especially the vacation spots. There should really be a Star Wars universe travel guide done in a Fodor's style with many of these activities listed. :D

    Thank you all for entering, the winner is C. Robert Dimitri! Email me ( with your address as soon as you can!

  25. Also dear winner, you have 3 days to get me your address or it goes to someone else!

  26. Hi - I emailed my info. Just wanted to make sure that you received it...

    Thanks! Very excited about the win!

    - Robert Dimitri

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