August 1, 2010

Land o' Links

I spent yesterday and this morning catching up around the interwebs, and here the best of the links I clicked on.

#Wookieeleaks - You've probably heard about in the news this week.  Wookieeleaks is much more entertaining.

Millennium falcon bed - I've never thought of making a bad look like a spaceship, and I think I'm okay with that.  I like that someone else did it though.  Wow.

As His Kilt Rises - A new painting featuring Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day... yeah, you really need to click and see it.  There are no words.

Electromagnetic Geospacial Globe and Remote View with Obligatory Goggles - Just look at the pretty steampunk gadgets, reading the rest of the article about what they do is fun, but not mandatory.

Comic-Con food oddities - Hey, I woul dhave traded my diet of protein bars, Pop Tarts, and energy drinks for some of these wacky things.

Art of Making an Epic by Travis Hanson - I love to read about processes behind comics.  Travis explains how he develops the story for The Bean.  It's useful infromation for any writer.

Top 10 Star Wars Cakes - I am seriously amazed at what people can do with fondant.  These cakes are hella impressive.

Chris Howard - writing process - Again, I love to read about other folk's processes.  Read about the steps Howard (author of Seaborn) takes to create a book.

You guys are always free to share links back with me!


  1. Amazing! Those cakes are awesome - although I still think @KyleeLane's Han Solo in Carbonite soap is the greatest thing ever - apart from y'know, Han Solo in Carbonite ;p

  2. I was floored by the detail on those cakes. Wow.


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