August 22, 2010

Linkity Links

Comic Book University - Comic book characters just hanging out at college, funny stuff!

Clone Trooper and Stormtrooper lollipops how to  - I could make so many jokes about Clone Trooper Pops, but since I'm classy, I'll spare you.  ;)  Check out this how to on making suckers that look like our favorite bad... or good guys.

Doctor Who inspired fashion by Tara Reich - You know you want a dress that looks like a Tardis!  This designer melds vintage and sci-fi in a beautiful way!

Han Solo on the TomTom - The best scoundrel of them all will tell you just how many parsecs you have until you get to the office.  Well, I don't know if it actually does that, but still.  Be sure to listen to the voice samples for a laugh.

Star Wars Cupcakes - This blog page has collected the best of the Star Wars cookies and cupcakes out there.  I'm really impressed by the details on the Padme Amidala cupcakes!

Katie Cook's F**k you box! - Katie Cook has written a little comic about a foul mouthed cat.  I grabbed mine at San Diego Comic-Con; it his hilarious and adorable.  It will only be available on her site until tonight, so order now!  Just $5 + shipping!

Boba the Soap - from the lovely lady that brought the world Han Solo in carbonite soap, check out this awesome Boba Fett design!  And look, Daniel Logan approves.  :D


  1. thanks for the linkies. loved the superhero university.

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