August 14, 2010

Links of the week

Geek Girl Con - Geek girls ruled at San Diego Comic-Con this year.  There are a lot of us geek girls and awesome geek boys who get it.  Go visit the site for the brand new, lots to figure out but it will be awesome Geek Girl Con, and get involved!  (And don't even tell me about the comma misuse in that sentence).

Wheel of Time heavy metal theme - It sounds painful.  And it is maybe a little.  But the Wheel of Time was my first fantasy series; like my first love, I can't ever fully let it go.  So I clicked, and if you ever wished you had Aes Sedai powers, you should too.

Death ray sex toys - no, really.  Not so much safe for work.  Or kids. 

How to make ice planets - I'm planning a Serenity movie night, and many people suggested ice planets.  This website has a great tutorial.  I'll let you know how it goes when I make mine!

Formidable female protagonists in sci-fi - fantastic list of strong women in sci-fi novels and series; they also have links for female leads in sci-fi TV and movies.

Acrylic geek silhouette pendants - This seller on Etsy has silhouette pendants of not only the Enterprise, but other geeky symbols from Star Wars, science, and more.  I like the simple designs.


  1. I love Wheel of Time! Unfortunately they seem to have removed that video. I will have to track it down...

    That ice-planet site is great! Shame it wasn't there back when I made ice-planets for the Firefly party I threw in college. I wrote a post on it here. Our student center cafeteria had chopsticks with little decorative notches cut in circles around the top, so they were perfect to hold the string. I used dental floss for the string. I used only one small craft stick inside the ice cream ball, but I positioned it so it would be horizontal when the ice-planet was hung from the string. And I didn't have bowls to shape the ice-planets, so I just scooped approximate hemispheres onto each side of the popsicle stick, wrapped it in plastic wrap, and then shaped it with my hands. Worked very well. But I love their different flavors/planets on that site. Very cool, and I can't wait to see how yours turn out!

  2. These links are great. :)

    Ah, Wheel of Time. I stopped reading it after the seventh book, but I did love the series.

  3. Eleni - Oh bummer, hopefully it shows back up!

    That's perfect! your party sounds awesome. And actually, your way of doing it sounds like it would work perfectly.

    Chronic Geek - I'm still reading just so I can know how it ends. I think I stopped being super interested around the 7th one too.

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  5. I found the song and listened to it. Kind of painful, but kind of awesome. It wasn't my first fantasy series, but it holds a special place anyway. Still keeping my eye out for a good serpent ring ;)

    I'd say the only problem with my ice-planet technique was that the ice cream had to be somewhat softened as I scooped it and shaped it into balls, so then when I put them in the freezer to refreeze, most of them got a little flat spot on the bottom (something that would be avoided if bowls were used). It wasn't so bad, because after they froze I just needed to do a little touch up--they were all still in their plastic wrap, so I rounded out the flat spot and put it back in the freezer, but resting on a different side that hadn't yet softened enough to change shape. Anyway, most of them looked pretty spherical by the time we ate them.

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