August 28, 2010

Links of the week!

Ninjabread men cookie cutters - These stealthy gingerbread men could garrote the normal kind in less than 2 seconds.  Oh - and they're also kinda cute.

Furry monster bags - These bags from Steamcrow are sure to go right off your cute meter.  Different colors, expressions, and no more of them until next summer.  You know you need one!

Does Your Favorite Sci-fi Movie Do Right by Its Female Characters? - John Scalzi applies the Bechdel test to several sci-fi movies.  Not many of them make women look as fabulous as they could.

Butterbeer recipe - The folks at Castles & Cooks have examined the butterbeer from Harry Potter's Wizarding World and come up with this. I've known two people that have tried it and they approve. A lot.

Vader's new girlfriend - So wrong, but yet so right and hilarious.

Sci Fi Eye Test - this Sci-fi Eye Test features 36 letters pulled from the logos of games, comics and movie titles.  Go try to guess them all!


  1. Vader's New Girlfriend has done the rounds at least once day in our house since I found it - happy!tiems!

  2. It is brilliant. Thank you for reminding me where I first saw it too! :D

  3. Glad you like the butterbeer recipe! And don't worry, Castles and Cooks has plenty of upcoming nerd-themed drinks!

  4. The Bechdel test is pretty brutal. I am kind of appalled when I see lists of the results and see just how few movies pass. I'm interested though how many movies there are that would fail a Bechdel test for men (named men talking to each other not about a woman). Anyway, I don't know if sci-fi is worse than other genres in terms of the Bechdel test. I guess with a (perceived) male target audience, they may concentrate a little less on having more than one token female character. But the list left out some other sci-fi movies from the years listed, like Serenity and Push, that may pass the test.

    That Sci Fi eye test is cool. I remember seeing a movie test with single letters from movie posters. That one was nice because right underneath the letter you could type in the title, and if it was right it would tell you. This one's a little less convenient.

  5. jestergoblin - to which I say, YAY!

    Eleni - I hadn't heard of it before, and ran a few shelves of my movies through the test and wow. I think that it has to apply to men too - I'll definitely be noticing as I watch movies now.

    I don't think I knew but a few on the eye test. Fun idea!

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