August 12, 2010

Links to Celebration V updates & news

I know that I am lucky to be going to Celebration V, period. But it’s started already, and I wanna be there! I’m especially bummed about missing out on a couple of exclusives that will probably go today. But… I’ll probably survive. Key word is probably.

To help me get through, I’ve compiled a list of sites, photos, and Twitter users that seem to be providing lots of (read: frequent updates) on SWCV.

@hodgesart - If you are CV, stalk this one for info on print giveaways

TheForce.Net -
Rebelscum -
ForceCast -

Of course, don’t forget to stalk the hash tag #swcv.

I’ve compiled most of these droids into a list you can follow.

Offical Star Wars blog photo stream
photos from Rebel Scum

Happy hunting!


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