August 9, 2010


Confession: in real life, I am pretty shy, introverted, and have hermit-like tendencies. I do get out of the house for work and lots of fun things, but on any given evening, for the most part, I am happier at home with a book or the internet than out in the world interacting with people, even friends. So, when I say I didn't have a ton of friends in high school, don't be shocked.

I hung out mostly with one group. On Friday nights, we would meet at the closest coffee shop... the only one in 60 miles actually and hang out. We'd talk about the various things that are important to teenagers. Well, quiet-type nerdy sort of teenagers. When was the next Robert Jordan book going to be out? What's up with that Rand anyways? Did you hear about the new dice that are in at the gaming store? We observed some rituals - one of my friends would order Earl Grey hot, and we'd rib him. Sometimes we would go to the close-ish park and fight with practice swords (wood katanas if I remember right). We'd dodge behind picnic tables and trees if the police cruised through.

Before getting caffeine, just me or my group of pals would visit the local bookstore. Part of the reason was to check out new releases and general proximity of the bookstore to the coffee shop. Most of the reason was because I had a crush on a guy that worked there. He seemed to like that I bought a new book in the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind every other week. He might have let me use his employee discount once or twice. Eventually, he hung out with us a few times, but I think the fact that I was technically jail bait was a deterrent.

I looked forward to Friday nights. It was the one night of the week when I knew I wouldn't be judged by classmates for talking about sci-fi. My mom would leave me alone too because I was actually being social. Sadly, time passed. Some friends graduated or moved away, and we all lost touch. We were all guilty for letting Friday nights go. I still remember them though as some of my best high school times.

So, here's a toast to my geeky friends, old and new.  You all rock.


  1. So funny; I was just writing a similar post earlier, but I scrapped it!

    I had a geeky partner in crime in high school - she and Lord of the Rings got me through! XD

  2. Yay for that! I had a few friends that'd play computer games with me (one would drive, one would help)... and we saw LOTS of movies.

    It wasn't until I joined a BBS that my geek friend group really grew. We did all sorts of things together!

  3. Aw, sounds like a nice group of friends. My social group in high school was all people in the drama club with me--the drama geeks. My best friend in the group was a fantasy geek as well; we obsessed about LotR (we even both studied Quenya) and I got her hooked on Wheel of Time. I've really lost touch with all of those friends, too, which is too bad. I've been a lot less social ever since graduating from college. I know what you mean about preferring the computer or a book to parties.

  4. Sounds a lot like my life. Then AND now!

  5. Well, Amy, just goes to show it's never great to assume... I had indeed assumed that you must be an extroverted soul, as you're always on the go-go-go and Heavens to Betsy, you attend conventions! I learned a lot just now. I'm happiest hermiting at home, by the way, so if you'd already assumed that, you were correct. :)

  6. When I first befriended the guy who's now my geek-husband my senior year of high school, we'd go hang out at the Borders that had just opened in our city, drink lattes, and read Poe... Oh the memories! Thanks for sharing, Amy. It makes me smile to hear my friends' geeky pasts. :)

  7. Eleni - Yay for studying Quenya! I've always had that in the back of my head. :D

    Shell - I can be social when I'm out (stilly shy though)... but in many ways, I'm definitely a homebody. Yay for fellow hermits!!

    Kara - That is adorable. :D

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