August 13, 2010

Pink Raygun Post: 7 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Accessories to Love

Accessories in on screen sci-fi and fantasy aren't always spectacular.  But when they're done right, they're pretty awesome.  Check out my list of 7 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Accessories to love at my new post at Pink Raygun.

I'll be doing another one in the future featuring guys too, so don't get your knickers in a twist!


  1. I have a small obsession with jewelry related to my geeky interests, and you've totally nailed some of them there. I ordered the Noble Collection reproductions of the Evenstar and the Fellowship leaf pin, and ever since I've been getting their catalog in the mail. I've wanted Nenya for a while but it's so expensive, and I already have a silver floral-ish ring that doesn't look like the movie Nenya, but wouldn't be a bad imagining of Nenya. That hairpiece is breathtaking, but it's large and delicate and I'm not sure how I could wear it or display it...

    I've been contemplating getting the time-turner on and off for a long time as well. I never really considered Starbuck's thumb ring, but I found a site that makes custom BSG dog tags, so I've thought about getting one of those. And Zoe's necklace is a great accessory--so perfect for her.

    Very cool post.

  2. Ooh, Noble Collection creats some beautiful pieces. I've drooled over their catalog for a while now. Were the reproductions a good quality?

  3. The Evenstar got pretty tarnished, but I guess silver does that. The leaf pin still looks good. I'm really more of a person who buys things like that then puts them on a display shelf; I haven't worn them (maybe wore the pin once for Halloween), so I don't know if they'd fall apart if I actually worked them hard. They're kind of expensive, so I'm not sure if the quality quite matches the price, but I get so enamored with the idea of these things that I don't care as much. I'm happy with having them.

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