August 5, 2010

Shiny Webcomic Thursday - Cleopatra in Space!

I got to meet lots of nice creators at Comic-Con, more than one of them had a webcomic.  One that really stood out for me is Cleopatra in Space! by Mike Maihack.

Since the title has the word space, you would correctly guess that it is a science fiction themed comic, sci-fi adventure if you want to be specific.  The protagonist of the tale is teenage Cleopatra, and she kicks ass while being cute.  I aspire to this.

Cleopatra VII is on the side of P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. (Pharaoh Yasiro’s Research And Military Initiative of Defense) in a centuries' long war.  Word is that she is prophesized to save the galaxy.  She does this with gadgety weapons, clever zingers, and a cat that is more than just a pet.  We are still learning about the 'verse that the story is set in.  I sense a lot of adventure and character development ahead.

The art really pulled me in.  The image above is the cover of the first printed collection, and it caught my eye on the table.  The comic was black and white until recently, and now it's especially shiny and colored.  Colors aren't a must for me by any means, but they don't hurt.  I understand that putting out a webcomic on any kind of regular basis is enough work, let alone a colored one.  I love that the colors are subtle too and do not steal the scene from the story.  I also really enjoy the designs.  Maihack has come up with some unique weapons and assets.  The sphinx bike/spaceship needs to be made in real life.  Keep your eyes searching the backgrounds too, lots of fun details to see.

Check out the first strip of the comic from almost one year ago here.

Cleopatra in Space!
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  1. I'll be checking this out! XD I need to get better at keeping up with webcomics...

  2. I have to put them in my RSS feed or I forget all about them. And even then I still have to play catch up once in a while. :)

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