August 10, 2010

Star Wars Celebration V

I'm headed to Star Wars Celebration V for a very short 36 hour period this weekend. I'll be there Saturday-Sunday til about 3:30pm. I don't know what my schedule will be yet. I wanted to try to go the George Lucas and Jon Stewart interview, but I need to get my press badge on site and therefore can't get in line at 6am. Darn!

I will be live tweeting the whole weekend. Let's hope AT&T plays nicer than it did at San Diego Comic-Con. Follow me on Twitter for lots of updates - @amy_geek. I'll be uploading photos from the convention Saturday night and hopefully Sunday afternoon at my Facebook fan page. In general on Twitter, check out the search tag #swcv for all kinds of fan reports.

If anyone wants to have breakfast Saturday morning or meet up anytime during the con, email me or DM me on Twitter!


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