August 5, 2010

Steampunk Thursday #2 - Smelling Like Gears?

Steampunk.  It's a happymaking word.  It combines some of my most favorite things.  Over the next while, friend and fellow geek gal Mary (aka Three Years of Roses) and myself will be taking turns posting about a vast number of topics within the world of steampunk.  We'll be switching off every other week.  I'm gonna swipe some paragraphs from her intro post last week (link is at the bottom):
"We'll be covering some key areas, such as books and film, steampunk communities in various countries and a guide to the various elements of going steampunk; costume, jewellery and the all important rite of passage - goggles!

Hopefully by the end you'll have a clearer idea of what steampunk is and means, and if you're interested in knowing more, you'll have picked up a few tips, met some people and have plenty of links to check out for more information!"

Steampunk has been around for a while even if it has been called something else.  I'm not going to say it's becoming trendy, but I do think a lot more people are aware of this topic and what it encompasses.  As that widens, all sorts of awesome (or not sometimes) steampunk themed accessories and extras are popping up across the interwebs.  I was particularly happy to hear about the existence of steampunk inspired scents. 

The smells of steampunk?  I know.  When I think of possible scents for steampunk, my nose comes up with glistening motor oil, herby absinthe with a dash of licorice, the smell of metal coating that's left clinging to your palms after handling metal jewelry, rusted iron, musty corners of airships, freshly tooled leather, and the sharp, fume permeated air around the blocks of industrial areas.  All smells I rather enjoy to some extent, but not necessarily scents that I want to emanate from my person.  As it turns out, not all of the available perfumes sound like they would smell of a steam train's engine.

The most prominent choice for steampunk scents is Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab.  They have an entire collection called Steamworks.  Their concoctions and creations will set you abuzz with happiness.  I have personally tried The Coil - Ozone, eucalyptus and mint with purple orchid, passionflower, white ginger, and purple lotus.  It practically jumps off my skin with strong notes of passionflower and the turn of eucalyptus is so very subtle.  It will be different on you.  The other blends include everything from notes of frankincense, resins, tobacco, citrus and so much more.  I highly recommend finding a scent as the final touch for a steampunk costume.

Browsing around on Etsy pointed me to a couple of other sellers.  The Morbid The Merrier has scents such as Absinthe and Black Jack.  The Steam Bath Factory has not only perfume oils but an entire line of bath and body products. One of their scents is called Ray Gun, which I have to admit I would buy just

for that reason.  I have not tried either of these brands myself, but the feedback on Etsy is positive for both sellers.  Both also sell sample vials (as does Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab) so you can find the best scents for your skin's chemistry before buying larger bottles. 

Another option is for you to pick out the scents you most desire and use a site like Fragrantica to find options.  I searched for leather and metallic; the search results list was longer than I expected.

If you're going to obtain one of those delectable scents, it would only make sense that you would keep it in an equally cool vessel.  Fear not, you can get Victorian style perfume bottles or metal necklace flasks to store your oils in.

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Be sure to visit Mary's blog for next week's Steampunk Thursday!


  1. Steampunk goodness! XD

    Now to resist buying them until I get a new job... *hides Visa from self*

  2. I really want to try more of the BPAL ones, but I must resist. I have too many scents... especially considering I mostly rotate between the same six or so.

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