September 21, 2010

Favorite Characters: Vala Mal Doran

If you didn't last until season 8 of Stargate: SG-1, you missed out on Vala Mal Doran.  A space pirate of sorts, con artist, and thief, she somehow becomes a regular fixture at Stargate Command, eventually joining the SG-1 team.  She also plays a big part in the  You won't be surprised to learn that underneath everything, she is a good person.  Also?  She makes pigtails look hot.

Vala first makes an appearance in season 8 of the show (Prometheus Unbound), and she was only intended to be around for one episode.  Because of the playful chemistry between Vala and Daniel Jackson and the popularity of the character, she was asked to return in season 9.  Claudia Black declined a regular role but guest starred in a six episode arc.  Finally, Vala was a regular character in season 10.  Vala was witty, mischievous, and added a new dynamic to the show.  With the show maybe a bit past its prime and changes like Richard Dean Anderson leaving, a character like Vala was needed.  Actually, I don't want to imagine the last two seasons without her.  Her presence obviously added a new facet to the team, but Vala was entirely different from any other recurring character.  Watching the actors and characters figure out how to interact with her kept me watching.  It was also fun to have a strong female character that wasn't a scientist or a Goa'uld.  Black played the role perfectly, and she won Saturn and Constellation awards for her portrayal.  It is because of Claudia Black that I will eventually watch Farscape.

I like to think that she would be friends with Han Solo. One of the show writers, Damian Kindler, did compare her character growth in season 10 to Lando Calrissian - a former swindler who's gone legit.

Favorite Vala episode:
Memento Mori

I'll be reviewing the recently published comic book series about Vala soon!


  1. I LOVE Vala! I didn't start watching SG-1 until halfway through season nine (Atlantis was my starting point), but even though I had no knowledge of her back story, when Vala showed up at the end of the season, I was just amazed by her awesomeness. Claudia Black very quickly became one of my favorite actresses--I got a little giddy playing Dragon Age when I realized she voiced one of the game's main characters. Also, I totally watched Farscape because of her and Ben Browder because I loved them so much in SG-1. Aeryn Sun and Vala Mal Doran could not be more different people, which just makes CB even more amazing in my eyes. I hope you enjoy the series when you finally give it a go!

  2. Vala definitely grew on me, and by the end I did really like her. She gave the team a little bit of that "not playing by the rules" thing that was fun. Although, the Ori arc really changed her character, I think it ended up working well.

    Girls Are Geeks

  3. Why wait? Watch Farscape now! You'll be glad you did.

  4. SciFiTVFanGirl - She is a fantastic actress; I get the feeling that she really makes every character she plays. :)

    Rosalind - I liked that her spunkiness added a new dimension to the team. It brought out a lighter side to Teal'c that I liked too.

    M.D. Jackson - I have a huge pile of things to watch, but Farscape is on the list for eventually!

  5. I LOVED Vala! "Prometheus Unbound" was one of my favorite episodes of the series, and I think she added a good dimension and a bit of lightness that the last season needed.

    However, Vala and Aeryn are drastically different! Like SciFiTVFanGirl said, it makes you appreciate Claudia Black more. Vala is very cunning, very sly, and she likes her "innocent" act - Aeryn, meanwhile, is very hardened and tough. She would probably kill Vala if they were to meet up.

    Now, Crichton and Mitchell? Pretty much the same character - I think if you met Ben Browder he wouldn't be much different in real life. If those two met, they'd be all buddy-buddy in no time - when Mitchell wasn't trying to save Vala from Aeryn, who'd be fighting off Crichton's attempts to hold her back.

  6. Kate - I felt like the show was maybe heading into a not so fantastic Twilight and that Vala really helped save it. :)

    I need to move Farscape up my list!!

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