September 18, 2010

Links (of a geeky tendency)

I've clicked on a lot of cool or cute things this week from Facebook or Twitter links and maybe some not so cool things too.  I'll spare you from those.  Here's the best of the links this week:

Sereni-teas - Want to know what this is?  F*ing brilliant is what!  Tea blends based on the characters and locations of Firefly.  The Canton blend includes rum, oriental spice, cream.  Yum!  This company also has Dr. Horrible inspired teas. 

Disney Princess Get a Superhero Look - In this blog post, Jill Pantozzi (aka The Nerdy Bird), shows us a different look for the Disney princesses.  I will fight any of you for Belle's outfit.

Space Invader Pop Up card craft - First, Craftster is amazing.  I recommend liking them on Facebook to get the highlights.  This card is just one of the many projects you can find on their site (yeah, there are a lot of geeky ones)!

Nightmare & Dream Designs of 12 Sci-Fi/Fantasy cities - WebUrbanist is another site I recommend following.  Their posts, even when not geeky, always have something cool, beautiful, or amazing to see.  This post shows us 12 fictional cities that are beautiful and/or terrifying.  You'll find something familiar in there.

Traditional Greeting Star Trek hoodie - Just click and look at the picture.  This design tells you to live long and prosper.

HelloWars - Star Wars + Hello Kitty = a very happy geek.  The cute in this Etsy store is almost too much to take.  Besides several sticker options, you can also find jewelry and pillows.


  1. That hoodie is hilarious and ingenious.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE The Disney Princess Super Heroes! And you're right-Belle's is the best!

  3. That's my Halloween sorted for the next decade ;)

  4. Okay, tea inspired by Firefly is just too awesome. I may have to find myself some of that!

    Girls Are Geeks

  5. I seriously could wear every one of those Disney Princess superheroes outfits.

    And so many people are getting Sereniteas for Christmas this year. :D

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