September 25, 2010

Links of the week!

Here's the coolest/weirdest/insert superlative here links I clicked on this week!

The Wildlife Of Star Wars: A Field Guide - Never again get a Mynock mixed up with... another somewhat obscure creature from the Star Wars universe.  Read GeekDad's review of the book and then go to Amazon and put it on your wishlist.

Dinosaur Bones Pancake - Yeah, we all wish our parents were this cool.

Vintage Prosthetics - This list of 15 vintage prosthetics are both terrifying and cool.  Okay, more terrifying.  They are also very inspiring for some steampunk designs, hmm.

Action Flick Chick interview with Seth Green - Katrina Hill, aka Action Flick Chick, talks with Seth Green about the G33k and G4m3r Girls video and girls being geeks.

BPAL Trick or Treat - Black Phoenix Alchemy has some lovely themed scents for the Halloween holiday and a couple of great packages to check out.  Just click that link.

Nerds in Babeland Fleshwounds how-to - Speaking of Halloween, this how-to comes just in time to practice flesh wounds for your zombie or gore costume.  Great step by step with clear instructions and photos (I love when photos are included in tutorials).

25 Best and Most adorable Marvel Cats - Did you hear about the Marvel cat craze that took over Twitter?  No!  Well if you like cute and kittens and comics, you're going to squee.  I'm just warning you.  This list by Jill Pantozzi on Topless Robot gives a little background and shows off the pick of the litter.


  1. It's just a fleshwound!!!

    *looks around for Monty Python fans*

    *hangs head sadly*

    Fantastic! Zombie Disney Princess is my backup costume option, so I'll be keeping this bookmarked ;)

  2. Just a fleshwound!

    I love the zombie Disney Princess idea so very much. :D

  3. I can't get over how much I LOVE your site! I've been MIA from the blogging world lately. I've so missed your site!!!

    Also, Vala Mal Doran and Spirit Halloween in the same blog? AWESOME. Love Vala and Jen and I worked for Spirit last year. ^_^

  4. Angela - thank you much for the kind words! :) Spirit Halloween = source of so much goodness!

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