September 17, 2010

Pink Raygun Post: Cosplay & Halloween Belong Together

I could be wrong (hey, it happens to all of us), but I don't think cosplayers usually spend a lot of time in the temporary Halloween stores that pop up at this time of year.  I hope they do at least visit because it's a great place find usual and affordable props especially if you can wait until after Halloween to take advantage of the sales!  Read more about Cosplay & Halloween Belong Together in my new post at Pink Raygun.


  1. good idea! I'm piecing my Zoe Washburne costume together and I can't find the perfect holster! I'm sewing my own vest, but the holster...I want to buy. Oh and a gun! I need to find that too. I'm gonna check out our local store

  2. Ooh - you reminded me that I have most of a Zoe costume done. I found a great piece on eBay for the belt she wears in the first few episodes. Good luck finding the rest of your costume! :D

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