September 23, 2010

Pink Raygun Post: Fighting Zombies with Flair

If I have to be a part of the zombie apocalypse, I want to fight - stylishly.  Alice from the Resident Evil movies has this down to an art.  She is my role model for this situation.  See what we can learn from her outfits in my new post at Pink Raygun: Fighting Zombies with Flair.


  1. I read a cartoon once that had the punchline "Just because it was the end of the world was no reason for Vincent to look shabby." and the picture was of a zombie doing up his tie.

    I love those RE movies because Mila gets it done while looking great. That skort/dress with boots combo made the movie for me. Any woman that can wear that and kick the crap out of a zombie dog gets my eternal admiration.

  2. Mila is beautiful regardless of what she wears.

  3. Kal - Ha, well I'm glad that other people recognize the level of class it takes to look fashionable while fighting zombies.

    Jedi-J - That is so utterly true. She is stunning.


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