September 15, 2010

Star Trek made my day*

Sometimes you sign up for an iPhonetography workshop, and you visit a famous filming site like Vasquez Rocks to traipse around and make pictures.  And then your workshop instructor pulls a Star Trek uniform shirt from his bag and reenacts part of the epic battle between Kirk and the Gorn because he's the coolest ever.

Kyle Cassidy as Captain Kirk

Even though I have very little knowledge of the original series of Star Trek (I've seen the movies but only one or two of the actual episodes), I know of this battle.  For comparison:

When I laced up my hiking boots last Saturday morning, I never imagined I would take a picture like the one above.  Life is full of awesome / surprising / geeky moments.

*No, you cannot take away my Star Wars membership card for this.  I checked.


  1. Right? He was awesome! It was such a fun day. :D

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