October 14, 2010

10 Geeky Cakes I Love

I do occasionally like to bake cakes.  But decorating?  Well... I don't have a lot of patience.  The first time icing doesn't squeeze out of the pastry bag just right is about the time I decide it didn't really need decorated anyways.  I have Star Wars cookie cutters, and though I have made Yoda shaped cookies a few times, they have yet to receive any kind of icing.  One day.

Thankfully there are patient people in the world.  I mean, just look at these cakes.  Time, skill, patience, love... yeah, they were made with just more than sugar and butter.  They are each pieces of edible art.





  1. I want to live in the hobbit cake!!!

  2. LOVE the Super Hero cake!

    Though, I imagine a lot of these are made/shaped with fondant, which I recently learned doesn't taste that great. However, I learned that from eating an amazing Doctor Who police box cake, so it worked out.

  3. omg i want to eat them.


  4. every last one of those was awesome and the work of a great talent.

  5. These are so amazing. I love the D20, hobbit hole and the controller the most. Now if only I could get one that was gluten free!

  6. eye-shuh - Yeah, if there's fondant that tastes yummy, I haven't tried it yet. It does add a whole other look than frosting though.

    I would have a hard time cutting into any of these cakes. The time that went into them... seems too easy to destroy it with a knife. ;)


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