October 22, 2010

2011 Costume Plan (in other words, I'm nutty)

I can't believe that cosplay has only come into my life over the past five or so years.  It certainly makes Halloween a little different.  I'm probably going to be in costume that whole weekend at a convention.  I LOVE that I get to dress up more than one holiday a year + renaissance faires.  But since Halloween is when everyone else dresses up, it's a good time to plan ahead.  You can find sales on wigs, accessories, shoes, fabric, and props the day of Halloween or right after.  So, I made my list of new costumes for 2011.  It's a little ambitious... or crazy.  Probably the latter.

I have a pieces of almost all of these costumes though, so it shouldn't be too terrible.  If I don't procrastinate.  But I want to do them right and the best that I can.  I hope to take a sewing class before January.  I think this will really push my abilities, and it might point out some limitations too.

Next year I'll be attending Wonder Con, Phoenix Comicon, San Diego Comic-Con, GenCon, Long Beach Comic Con, and hopefully Emerald City Comicon.  If I become fabulously rich, I might throw a few more in since over half of my list is within driving distance.  For the most part, I don't know where I'll be wearing these yet.  I post any updates and progress on my costumes at my Facebook page.

Kaylee - I have had the majority of this costume for way too long.  It's at the top of the list (and yay for comfy!)

Mara Jade blue jumpsuit

Femme Boba Fett - I have the helmet and the skirt

Donna Troy, Wonder Girl - I have the jumpsuit

Ame Comi Duela Dent as the Joker - San Diego Comic-Con 2011 - I have the perfect shoes and hat

Snowbunny Padme - I have the jumpsuit and gun

Nymphadora Tonks - mostly for a Harry Potter party - I have the perfect skirt and gauntlets

Do you have cosplaying plans for next year?  I'd love to hear them!


  1. Last November I had half of my hair dyed purple and the other half pink. I dressed up as Tonks off and on with a home made Weird Sisters t-shirt. The movie costume is very bad ass in comparison!

    My main goal for 2011 in terms of costumes is to keep collecting pieces to have a working Death Knight costume by the summer.

    Your plans are awesome. ^_^ I'd like to do a Donna Troy one too.

  2. awesome plans. I've got some steampunky and rennie goodness on the plate, as well as Ysanne Isard from SW and Mara Jade's dancer outfit. Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess and an original French revolutionary period style dress (with the happiness of a giant skirt that looks like the satellite view of a hurricane) are also on the docket. Not to mention costumes for the hubby and son.

  3. I haven't dressed in years for Halloween. Something always seems to come up, but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of appropriate cosplay costumes for a a heftier guy like myself. Sure I could be a Big Batman or a heavy Darth Vader, but I'd rather go as something that fits my body type. Any ideas?

  4. Chronic Geek - Ooh! So cool! I think I'm going to try and catch some different colored wigs on clearance after Halloween and then change them throughout the night.

    Death Knight sounds AWESOME!

    JaclynGFC - Ooh, steampunky! I need to finish one of those costumes out too. I love Mara Jade's Arica costume, and I don't see very many of those either. So much fun!

    xocc - I haven't decided. I wasn't impressed last year. It was more a celebrity con. :/ That said, if I can get press badges and get in for free...

    thedrinkinggeek - Hmm, a pirate is always a good option. You could modify it and go steampunk airship pirate too. Oh! Or Thor!

  5. i have several cosplays in process but i do them for others cause i need to get my ass in shape to pull of some of them!! my dream cosplay is to do a viera dragoon class from final fantasy, white hair and all, BUT they show a lotta skin :)

  6. Leia - And this is exactly why you won't see me in an Aayla Secura costume just yet. :)

  7. You really need to do a Harley Quinn costume. F'reals. :D

  8. I don't think there's ever a time that I'm NOT working on some sort of costume!

    This year's first big project is Boba Fett from the Star Wars Holiday Special. I've already got a Return of the Jedi Boba, so now I'm hitting the pastel blue and yellow one.

    Before that I've got some tweaks to my arsenal of Clone Troopers... I have 6 sets of clone armor at the moment, all of which need work.

  9. TigerAngel - Ooh, that would be a fun one!

    TK7602 - Wow! Six sets? I am impressed!

  10. I'm actually going to be dressing up for the 1st time ever at SDCC. I'm excited, nervous and excited. lol


  11. B - It's a little nervewracking the first time! Who are you cosplaying?

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