October 25, 2010

52 Weeks with the Fetts

Remember a while ago when I talked about the Stormtroopers 365 project?  In case you don't, a guy named Stefan posed two Stormtrooper figures in 365 different photos.  Most of them are funny.  As a photographer, I couldn't imagine posting something like that every day.  Well, he's back with a new project that is a little less taxing.  Starting just a few weeks ago, Stefan is bringing us 52 Weeks with the Fetts.  You'll get to spend some time with Jango and Boba, and based on the images so far, it's going to be good times.  Chewbacca has already made a guest star appearance.

It looks like you can keep with the new postings at the photographers Twitter page - @stormtrooper365.


  1. those stormtrooper photos were hilarious!!! i can't wait to keep up w/ the fetts <3

  2. The creativity in all those Stormtrooper pics is just crazy. To do that every day?!

    The Fetts series looks like it's going to be just as fun. :D

  3. Awesome! That photographer is really clever. I had missed those Stormtrooper photos before. Now I need to go through them all...

  4. Aren't the Stormtrooper shots amazing? I've flipped through them a few times, and I still feel like I've missed some.


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