October 13, 2010

Costume Tips: Buy a mask and improvise

Pimps Fett and Vader at SDCC
Costumes are always relevant on this blog because cosplaying is fun, but especially so right now since Halloween is approaching.  I'll try to post more tips and ideas between now and the 31st, and then I plan to continue a "costume tips" series every other week or so.

If you are desperate for ideas or pressed for time, here's one costume suggestion: get a mask or helmet and make something up.  You know those temporary Halloween stores that set up this time of year?  They have an entire wall of masks and helmets.  You can find masks at stores like Party City too, and the internet is always an option (this site has a million).  I usually don't give them a second look because I have bad memories of wearing costume masks as a kid.  The ones I wore were molded, and the only thing they had for staying secured to your head was an elastic band.  The elastic would inevitably break, the edges of the mask were always just sharp enough to chafe against your cheeks, and the holes cut out for eyes never quite lined up.  I could barely see.

Masks for adults are a different story.  The quality is higher, and yeah, you'll get what you pay for.  The most expensive mask will still be uncomfortable to some degree though.  It will be hot and sweaty and give you mask hair.  You should keep in mind where you'll be in costume so you can consider the importance of weight, visibility, and quality.  I think masks are best for parties and any brightly lit situation.  And the possibilities!  I saw the best example of this idea at San Diego Comic-Con this year.  Boba Fett and Darth Vader arrived in pimpin' style, and everyone got excited about the costumes.

Some ideas:
Any scary mask + a sexy dress and heels - this can work for both dudes and ladies
Cyborg mask + plaid shirt and overalls
Clown mask + pimp outfit
Stormtrooper helmet + anything that is not Stormtrooper armor
Werewolf mask + Edward from Twilight type clothes
Pumpkin head mask + Santa suit
Any mask + a prom dress
Batman mask + outfit in Superman colors

What are your suggestions?


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  2. i have a few good examples of this;
    and return of the burger king mask

  3. LOL, i actually know someone who is doing something like this...i believe his costume is a darth vader mask, a hawaiian motif complete w/ flipflops and quote "the gayest, fruitiest drink out there"

  4. Mask of president (or similarly serious historical figure) + sexy outfit

    I wish I could say this was my idea, but I have a friend who dressed as "Sexy Abe Lincoln" last year.

  5. Lisa - The Vader is so adorable. Thank you for the photos!! :D

    Leia - Ha! That is exactly the idea - that is funny. I hope you get photos.

    Eleni - Ooh, I like that idea too. A sexy suit type dress would be hilarious with politican mask.

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