October 1, 2010

Dr. Horrible Charity Screening

Though I gripe about living in Los Angeles, it does afford me the opportunity to go to very cool events.  Such as the 3rd Annual Charity Screening of Dr. Horrible from Whedonopolis.com.  You can watch the amazing sing-along blog on a big screen with Open Caption so you can sing along to your heart's content.  Some folks will even speak along.  You'll get a fun bag of props to use ala Rocky Horror Picture Show style, and they have incredible raffle prizes.  The tickets for the raffles are $1 each.  You're guaranteed to see at least one Dr. Horrible costume and lots of groupies.  Felicia Day and several cast members of The Guild attended last year.  If you can go, the ticket price is well worth and it is for charity after all.  I wish I could make it this year.

You can read more about my experience last year (and see my Penny costume) here.  I had a great time and won a signed poster of The Guild cast.

Event Details
Saturday, October 30 - 8:00 PM, Doors open 6:00 PM
Beverly Garland's Holiday Inn
4222 Vineland Ave. Studio City, CA 91602
Tickets: $25 - Includes our collectible, interactive Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Bag, as well as a drink & popcorn!


  1. That sounds fun! The first time I saw Dr. Horrible was at Comic Con and the whole cast came out afterward! Then Joss Whedon walked to the Gaslamp and was followed by about 200 people! Crazy.

  2. My brother lives in L.A., and he went last year. When I saw him at Christmas he showed off the props bag--dry cleaning bill, curtains, etc. I so wish I lived in L.A. and could go to awesome events like this. Shame you can't go this year :(

  3. xocc - Man, I went to the panel that year but didn't get to the screening. That's awesome!

    Eleni - It is a shame. Everything seems to be happening that weekend. I still treasure my little bag of props!

  4. I'm going! How early would you recommend showing up for this? Do I need to come when the doors open?

  5. Julie - Yay, you'll have fun! I would show up at least 30 minutes early. There was a line down the block last time and seating is first come first serve.

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