October 27, 2010

It's the Geeky Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

I know what you all need: another post with photos of geeky pumpkins!!  I can't resist the obvious, and I won't pretend otherwise.  I feel the same way about carved pumpkins as I do about elaborately decorated cakes.  I like to see what others do because if I do carve a pumpkin, it ends up being a stabby mess probably involving blood.  The latest strip of the webcomic Gronk illustrates exactly what happens when I attempt to make a pumpkin look pretty.  It's okay though, I'm satisifed to bow at the amazing work of others.

Here are some of my favorite geeky pumpkins with links to where I saw them.  Once you're inspired, at the bottom of the list you find some more links to carving templates and even more galleries of amazing carvings.

The Lantern Corps - a nice collection of pumpkins and squash to make up a complementary set.  Click the link and browse the artist's gallery to see how cool they look when they are all aglow.

Cthulhu  - I like when the pumpkin is carved and sculpted all at the same time!


Voldemort - This one really creeps me out.

Greedo - Greedo is overlooked too often, but this guy got it right.  Do yourself a favor and check out that link.  He does amazing things with pumpkins.  There are dozens of carvings/sculptures to look at.

Evil Dead movie poster - You give Ash love, you give me love.  This family carves pumpkins every year and all of them are archived on their site.

Serenity - You can't take the sky or the pumpkin from him.  Again, this artist has a lot of great carvings.  I guess pumpkin carving must be addicting?

Free Pumpking Carving Templates
Spooky Sith-o-Lanterns from StarWars.com
Pumpkin carving templates from Pink Raygun - Ghostbusters, Dr. Who, the Hunger Games, zombies, and more
ThinkGeek's Pumpkin Template Contest - 48 templates including Buffy, Cthulhus, robots


  1. The Cthulhu pumpkin is great! Very scary. And those Lantern Corps ones are a really funny idea.

    I carved a pumpkin to look like a bat once. It wasn't great, but at least it was recognizable. That's as fancy as I've ever been able to get.

  2. We carve an X-Files pumpkin every year :)

  3. Eleni - I love the group of themed Lantern Corps. It was smart to use things other than pumpkins.

    I've tried to carve a basic pumpkin before, and it wasn't pretty. I should try again though.

    Mary - photos please!

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