October 2, 2010

Links a Lot - A Few of My Favorite Things

This week, my links are themed!  I know, fancy, right?  I want to link to people who make things I love in hopes that maybe at least one of you will like them too.  I have purchased something - or usually more than one something - from each of these companies, and I only have good things to say.

MiaLa - Talented seamstress who made my Number Six costume and the skirt and gauntlets for my recent Padme costume.  I worked with her by email, and she created beautiful pieces that were exactly what I wanted and they fit wonderfully.  She keeps in touch the whole time, discusses fabric, and for all this, charges a very reasonable price.  She has Slave Leia, Wonder Woman, and Number Six costumes among others AND she'll do custom.  (The Number Six costume began as a custom one for me).

Damsel in this Dress - This lady designs the most amazing corsets.  She has a variety of styles and colors, and every one of them is incredibly sturdy and well fitting.  She also has solid color drawstring skirts and bustle skirts.  I've used her pieces in renfaire, pirate, and steampunk outfits.  Yeah, they are a little versatile  Keep an eye on her Etsy store, she has fantastic sales on a semi-regular basis.

Samiah - The most amazing pirate coats ever.  Period.  Beautiful designs and the most amazing fitting thing I've ever worn - and it wasn't even custom tailored.  Though I can't quite afford one of the full length coats, I found something else to fit in my budget.  Go, drool over her site, now.

Steam Crow - Besides creating the fun webcomic Monster Commute, the folks at Steam Crow also have an amazing store.  You can get prints, monster bags, postcards, steampunk goggles that you can jazz up, and very cool pint glasses.  You should know that everything they offer is of the highest quality.  It impresses me every time I get to visit their booth at a convention.  Even their books have very sturdy covers.  Go ahead, go browse their store.

Luxury Lane Soap - Besides the fact that she has soap that looks like video game controllers (!), all of her products that I've tried rock.  Each soap is handmade, and geek themed or not, they are moisturizing and yummy (smelling that is, I promise I haven't eaten any).  My current favorite item of hers is the Whipped Pumpkin Cupcake Scrub.  It's exfoliating and okay, I have almost eaten this one. 

Cthulhu Chick - If you need a crocheted Cthulhu in your life, and I firmly believe that everyone does, buy one from this lady.  They are adorable terrifying and available in a rainbow of colors.  She will even make one with a chef's hat.  Mine sits on a shelf next to a stuffed Chewbacca, and they are fast friends.

Surly Ramics - If I'm wearing a necklace, chances are it's a Surly.  This designer has lots of science, nature, skeptic, techie, and just pretty designs to wear around your neck.  Each pendant is made by hand and because of the nature of ceramics, all the glazes and finishes are slightly different.  I'm almost positive you'll find a necklace in her shop to love.

Sculptures by Lisa Snellings - The name might sound familiar.  Neil Gaiman has mentioned her a few times in book intros and other places I'm sure.  Her sculptures have been inspiration for more than one of his stories.  That's how I found out about her.  Her collection is morbid, adorable, and whimsical all at the same time.  I am a proud poppet owner, and I'm considering getting one of the Cthulhu masks now listed on her site... well just because I think my poppet would like it.  She has several tempting Halloween pieces up right now.


  1. You timed this to coincide with my payday - admit it!

  2. Wow, those coats by Samiah are stunning! *Drool.*

  3. The "Number Six" costume does look great on you but i imagine you'd have to carry a taser when your partner is around, it looks too fragile for amorous advances!

  4. Oh man you are going to cost me some money. I love the Lisa Snelliing statues. Trying to decide which one I am going to buy

  5. Three Years of Roses - I know, I'm evil! But with good intentions.

    Eleni - They are so amazing! I can't quite afford the full length one, but they are always happy to shove them on you while you're at their booth. They fit like a glove too. *drool*

    Eski - Haha, thank you. It's a sturdier costume than it looks. ;)

    Christopher - I only a little sorry. I mean, it's all great stuff. I'm glad you like the Lisa Snellings sculptures. I know they don't fit everyone's aesthetic tastes, but they sure make me happy.

    Jedi-J - thank you! I'm not sure if I'm still in good enough shape to wear it now, but it's a fun - if a bit restrictive - costume. :)

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