October 31, 2010


Every RPG Ever - You know how RPGs sometimes follow the same path?  This is a great infographic that will make you smile if you have ever played a RPG.

10 Worst Halloween Costumes - No really, they're pretty bad.

Lightsaber Lip Balm - Hot Topic has lightsaber lip balm, who knew?!  They have a few different colors, and the lightsaber part actually lights up!

Galaxy Leggings - I know the Artoo bathing suit is getting all the attention, but the company that sells those also offers a lot of leggings.  One pair in particular is awesome; it is a beautiful space field and I think it could go with anything.

Interview with David Eick - I know the news about Caprica is sad, but I'm still excited about the upcoming Battlestar Galactica prequel, Blood & Chrome.  In this interview, David Eick gives some details about the mini series.

Steampunk Lightsaber - Somehow I've missed photos of this steampunk lightsaber until very recently.  This post has some details on constructions and photos of the finished product.  Very pretty.


  1. Hah, notice how many of the costumes are star wars related. On another note, I think I remember seeing the asteroids one a long time back... hopefully those ended up in the same landfill as the old ET Game.

  2. I love that infographic. Even though it's focused on the Japanese RPGs, and I've only really played one of those, I totally understand a lot of the jokes. Those darn battles you can't win, and the cut scenes where your friend/sister/friend's sister gets killed, and somehow can't be resurrected in the same way that everyone else in your party can be. And of course there's a lot of similarities with western RPGs. Why do the villages always get attacked the night after their big festivals?

    I hope Blood & Chrome lives up to the rest of the recent franchise. Caprica was filling the hole left at the end of BSG; now Blood & Chrome has to step up.

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