October 12, 2010

Marian Call

Sometimes I make silly assumptions that everyone just knows the same geeky things as me.  This is dumb for many reasons, but especially because I am constantly learning about new shows or trivia or authors or something.  So today, I want to bring the awesome that is Marian Call to your doorstep.  

You actually might have heard her name last week.  She performed a concert at the headquarters for ThinkGeek, and that concert was broadcasted live on UStream.  Online viewers watched and talked on Twitter.  I couldn't believe how many of my online pals were tuned in.  It was such a happy layering of geeky things; it made my heart happy.  You can go back and watch the recorded concert here

Anyways.  Marian Call.

She is a folk singer who plays instruments like a typewriter and a kazoo.  She calls her style "Alaskan folk funk for the coffee counter culture."  It fits.  Her voice is strong, clear, and emotional.  And she loves Firefly.  She has a song called, "It's Good to Have Jayne on Your Side."  In fact, the whole album linked below - Got to Fly - is geeky music at its finest.  The inspirations for the songs include the Firefly 'verse and Battlestar Galactica.  Han Solo is mentioned in the first track among other awesomeness.  I recommend starting with this album, then the song written for a zombie cheerleader movie, "We're Out for Blood" and then "Vanilla."  Chances are that once you listen to one song, you'll spend the rest of the day listening to her music. 

This is the Nerd Anthem.  You're welcome.

<a href="http://mariancall.bandcamp.com/album/got-to-fly">Got to Fly by Marian Call</a>

You can listen to her music for free.  Once you realize how wonderful it is, please purchase the digital download or actual CD or just leave some money in her Paypal tip jar.  As the site says, "Great music is worth $."  True story.  Especially when you consider that most of the concerts she gives are free or very inexpensive to attend.  Speaking of concerts, she's touring the country, playing in all 50 states actually.  She's over on the East coast right now.  If you can, see her live.  I saw her perform at w00tstock at San Diego Comic-Con in July, but I wish I would have gone to her full concert in Venice just a week later.  Her tour calendar is on her website.


  1. I'm a bad geek. I know who she is but have never listened to her. I shall do that now.

  2. I haven't finished listening to the first song and already I love her!

  3. She has a nice voice...and this is coming from someone who is stuck in the 80's. LOL

  4. Yay! I'm happy to spread some Marian Call to the world. I love the writing and her clear voice... love!

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