October 11, 2010

Not New York Comic Con

My sort of costume for the event

Last month, I was talking with some fellow geek girls at a tiki bar (the Tonga Hut) shindig organized by Geek Girl Diva.  Someone started the rounds of, "Are you going to New York Comic-Con?"  With sad faces, most of us said we weren't.  A collective sigh went around the table.  We decided that we should have our own, Los Angeles, based event the weekend of the con instead.

I started thinking and planning.  At one point, I wanted to head to a park for the afternoon and set up a full mini convention with badges and everything.  Then with the help of sane friends, I realized that getting together over some umbrella drinks seemed like a much more fun (and easy) idea.

I created an event page, invited people and left it open, encouraged folks to share on Twitter, reserved the small space at the Tonga Hut... and it just kinda happened.  I'm not always great at coordinating things, and I needed a few reminders to get the word out.  But thankfully, people showed up.  I don't think the tiki bar patrons knew what hit them or exactly why I was carrying a Boba Fett helmet around, but that's okay.  At one point, we all tried to look nerdy so that people trying to find the party could spot us - we did this by holding up comics, but then I at least started to actually read the comic.  I met so many great people and got to hang out with some lovely geek girls that I don't see often enough.  I think around 20 people attended Not New York Comic Con, and I'm pretty sure we'd all do it again.  Especially if umbrella drinks are involved.

A few more pics from the party are posted here.

Big thank yous to:

Top Cow - Top Cow was awesome and sent lots of issues of Artifacts #1, Artifacts #2, volume 1 of Witchblade, Midnight Nation, and bookmarks.  Everyone at the party got to grab stuff.  Awesome.

Sarah Kuhn - Sarah donated a copy of her wonderful novella, One Con Glory.   If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it.  Just saying.

Geek Girl Diva - GGD donated an awesome pile for the prizes, including: Good vs Evil Unicorn, wonderful smell yummy soaps from BPAL, an Iron Man keychain, and the very cool LED faucet attachment that changes the look of your water depending on the water temperature you're using.

Just Jenn Designs - Jenn sent two dozen chocolate ganache Domo cupcakes.  They were adorable and more importantly, so frakking tasty.  Everyone loved them, and they helped soak up a little bit of the tiki drinks.

And last but not least, everyone who came out.  Let's do it again, even if we're actually at the convention next time!


  1. If you've been to SDCC (which I know you have) you would feel right at home at NYCC. The place was a zoo!

  2. That sounds awesome! I would love to be able to join you next time!

  3. DAMMIT, this was an amazing idea!!! i wish i would have thought to organize something neat for the nerdy girls of dallas! god knows i do not meet many awesome girls who i'd actually have stuff in common with.

    btw, you were totally rocking that boba fett helmet <3


  4. Jedi-J - really? I wondered what the scale was like!

    Trish - You would be most welcome! :D

    Leia - It was so fun. I was so happy people showed up. It makes that whole social thing easier when you know that you probably have something geeky in common with everyone there. :D

    And thank you - I do need to get some foam inserts for it so it doesn't bobble quite so much!

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