October 6, 2010

Pink Raygun Post: Replica Buying Roulette

Buying replica props can be tricky business.  The internet is vast, and it's all too easy to get pulled in when you are super excited about getting a replica of Hermione's wand.  Check out my new Geek Fab article at Pink Raygun for some tips - Replica Buying Roulette.


  1. Great post. I've learned my lesson that replicas aren't always as nice as they seem. I got a cheap replica off eBay of the Legolas knives, and their gold print is smudged and the shape is kind of off (though the blades are genuinely sharp...). That's probably the worst purchase I've made. I get catalogs from the Noble Collection that make everything look so beautiful and perfect, but the purchases I've made haven't quite worked out the way I expected. The Evenstar got tarnished pretty quickly (I guess I just need to polish it, though). The leaf pin is nice but I find myself worried that it's slightly flimsy (like the leaf might bend and crack if too much pressure is applied). And the gold-plated One Ring I got is all discolored in the inside by the chain that came with it (that might be cleanable, though).

    I love the Harry Potter wand replicas, but my understanding is that most are plastic. Plastic may be more durable than wood, but it just seems wrong.

    The internet is great in bringing us all these products, but it would be nice to be able to see and hold the item in person before purchasing.

  2. Nice post. My friend bought a "limited" edition Sting, Bilbo's sword. He got the nice certificate saying it was number 11240 out of 50000. I wouldn't call that very limited. Wish I could remember where he got it, it was junk. He did a thrust with it once and the blade went flying. Research is key.

  3. Eleni - Oh bummer on the Legolas knives. I drool over the Noble Collection too but I haven't bought anything just yet. It is so easy to make things look good for photographs. I too feel more comfortable if I can actually handle something, but that is rarely possible. I'm surprised that more of the replica companies don't make the convention rounds.

    But then, maybe it's for a reason.

    And I did not know that about the wands. Though it is practical... plastic wands don't feel right. :/

    NakedHobo - Yeah, 50,000 seems like a LOT for a limited run. I would think even 10,000 would be a bit much for some items. :/


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