October 29, 2010

Shiny Webcomic Thursday - Super Vamp

Meet Emo Globbin.  He is a vampire with super strength, telepathy skills, he can fly, and more.  On top of this, he manages to be pretty cute.  Super Vamp by Christy Moeller aka Madame M tells his story.

The tale takes place in the dreary town of Bleakville.  It's smoggy and full of monsters.  The inhabitants were human once.  But thanks to a creepy villain called Father Water, they are changed.  He's the very definition of evil mastermind.  He is cruel, and after all, the character is modeled after Hitler.  That's our villain.  Our good guy is Super Vamp.  By day he is Emo Globbin and works at a blood bank.  Yes, a vampire at a blood bank.  You see, a pretty human girl works there - Betty Bluebood.  Super Vamp kinda likes her.

This webcomic has a great mix of funny, creepy, cute, great character bits, pop culture references, and I could continue.  I keep finding reasons to come back for more Super Vamp.  In the creator's words:
"Plainly put SUPER VAMP is a COMEDY with a bite. If you were expecting a series of seriously brooding, charming, romantic vampires, then I’m afraid you will be disappointed. But if you think there is already enough seriousness in the world and prefer the underdog than we’ve got you covered."

The style of the comic is wonderful.  I find the art, lettering, and coloring to be really eye-catching.  I enjoy that the creator includes quotes at the bottom of each comic strip too.

Check out the first strip of Super Vamp right here.

Super Vamp
Updates every Monday

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  1. omg i'm excited to read about this little bat <3

    i came across a new webcomic on wednesday that you may enjoy...i just started it so i'm not sure how frequently the dude updates it but it's called "xkcd". it's romance, math, nerdiness, and science all rolled into one :D


  2. Oh yes, xkcd is so much fun! I forget to check in regularly, but I do like that one.

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