October 14, 2010

Shiny Webcomic Thursday - Folly and Innovation

Shiny webcomic Thursday has been a bit sidetracked lately because of the awesome steampunk Thursday.  Hopefully you didn't mind too much.  I should be back on track for featuring a webcomic every other week now.

Folly and Innovation

I'm a fan of laughing and nerdy pop culture references (duh).  Folly and Innovation by Tom Sexton has both of these thing in spades.  Yes, I like using the phrase "in spades."

Folly and Innovation is basically a recording of observations about our little silly world.  It's about humans and our culture and how everything interacts - it makes for some damn funny moments.  In the author's words:
"Folly and Innovation is the time between 2:59am and 3:00am when merciless productivity turns into boundless silliness. It’s the yawn that breaks into a laugh. It’s the poem written in the back of a forgotten library book. It’s every great dream that’s been forgotten right after hitting the snooze button. It’s a newborn baby’s second through eighth thoughts. It’s the inspired graffiti on the bathroom stall amidst the tangle of nonsense and chaos."

I just recently started following this comic.  I keep coming back because it's funny.  Normally my thing is continuing stories.  I've probably mentioned that before.  So far, this is the only webcomic I regularly check in on that is more along the "gag a day" sort.  I don't mean that in any kind of derogatory way either.  Whether the characters are trying to memorize multiple question test answers with Guitar Hero or losing games at a renaissance faire.  I think one of the reasons that it works so well is that the characters and scenery vary.  We do see familiar characters, but not the same ones in every strip.

Check out the first strip of Folly and Innovation right here.

Folly and Innovation
Updates every Tuesday and Thursday

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  1. i'm sure you've come across it, but the two i read regularly are cyanide and happiness (stick figures featured in usually morbid humor) and i'd check out their depressing comic week series. it's updated almost every day by their four artists.

    another one i LOVE is ctr+alt+del. follows a nerdy guy who is nutso but he was lucky enough to find someone who loves him regardless of his MANY flaws. always funny and updated at least 2x a week.

    btw LOL at that comic you featured....i do pretend i have to force when i walk through automatic doors <3


  2. I like to pretend I have Force powers with automatic paper towel dispensers.

    Thank you for the webcomic recs. :D

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