October 19, 2010

Wonder Woman Day - Comics + Charity

Where did this month go?!  Wonder Woman Day is just around the corner, and better to bring it up late, rather than never, right?  Still, I've been remiss for talking about this sooner.

Wonder Woman is an ideal.  I know, she's a superhero, that's kind of the point.  Underneath the tights and impossible footwear though, the principles are still solid.  Superheroes fight for good things.  And Wonder Woman?  She stands for peace, strength, and equality... many things that us mere humans fight for.  Or at least try to.  We stumble, but the fact that we keep moving forward means something. 

Five years ago, writer Andy Mangels, decided to tie Wonder Woman's almost 70 year mission to Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  Wonder Woman Day lets fans celebrate the character and those writing and drawing her stories with special events and a staggering amount of original artwork.  That artwork is sold for charity.  The first four years have raised over $89,000 local shelters and domestic violence related charities.  You get beautiful, original art and charities benefit.  Yes, it is that easy and perfect. 

This year is extra special because apparently it is the final Wonder Woman Day.  It sounds like it is morphing into a different event next year rather than going away altogether.

Wonder Woman Day V takes place Sunday, October 24.
It's celebrated at two locations, and if you can make it to either you really should go.  Check out the official website for the list of events.

Excalibur Comics
2444 SE Hawthorne Blvd
Portland, Oregon

Comics Fusion
42 Main St.
Flemington, New Jersey

If you can't make it to either of those locations, bid on some of the art for sale now.


  1. maybe that whole Maxwell Lord Murder tarnished her image.

  2. that's pretty gnarly!!!

  3. I'm in NJ...but I think that is north of us somewhere (from RI so I have no clue LOL).

  4. I wish I was close enough to one of the events to go!

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