November 23, 2010

Be a Patriot - Monster Commute 2 Pre-Order

Remember when I reviewed the comic Monster Commute?  It's a fantastic all ages webcomic and printed comic.  The first Monster Commute comic is a gem.  Besides collecting the webcomic strips, creator Daniel Davis included tons of new information about the world the comic takes place in.  Monstru is not like our world, and you should really read all the information you can find to help you get around.  The second Monster Commute book promises to be equally awesome.  I mean - just look at the cover:
Like they did with the first Monster Commute, Steam Crow has a set up a wonderful pre-order system.  Besides ensuring that you get a copy, you are helping indie artists be profitable faster because the pre-orders help cover the huge upfront cost of printing and shipping.  Just to be extra clear - it's not a hand-out.  It's a pre-order.  Just like the pre-orders you place on Amazon for the latest whatever.  The biggest difference is that you are paying now rather than when the order ships and for very good reason.  You have options too.  You can view the many packages available - everything from a downloadable PDF version of the book to enslaving Daniel Davis for the day - right here.  The book drive lasts until January 31st, and they plan to ship the orders out as quickly as possible after that date.

Here are Steam Crow's fast facts about the new book:
  • Book collects the Monster Commute strips 61-121 (
  • It doesn't require book 1 to read. (Story really starts in book 2)
  • Lots of new extras and new facts about the monster world of MONSTRU.
  • 80 pages. Full color. 11x9 inches. Perfect bound. High quality printing.
  • Every book shipped is hand numbered and signed.
  • Limited first edition of 1500 books.
  • Comes with an exclusive ltd edition print of Chadworth, signed and numbered.
  • All proceeds go to the printing, customs, and shipping of the book.
As a fan of Steam Crow for a few years, I can tell you that everything they offer is made with pride.  I've purchased books, buttons, prints, and even pint glasses from them; it's all been of the highest quality.

Support indie artists!


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