November 1, 2010

Favorite Costumes of Long Beach Comic Con

I spent most of my weekend at the second Long Beach Comic Con. I will have a report on what I saw of the convention tomorrow, but in the meantime, costume photos!! A lot of attendees wore costumes. Since Halloween was Sunday, I definitely saw a ton of children dressed up. Here are some of my favorites!

Long Beach Comic Con 2010

Corpse Bride, Jack, and Sally - this group was awesome! Besides the costumes being just amazing, they really played the parts.

Long Beach Comic Con 2010

Ghostbuster family

Long Beach Comic Con 2010


Long Beach Comic Con 2010


Long Beach Comic Con 2010

Fantastic clone trooper and my favorite femme Boba

Long Beach Comic Con 2010

Most adorable Ewok ever!!

You can see all my photos from the convention at my Facebook page.


  1. Wow, nice. Those are great costumes!

    If I ever have a kid, he/she is definitely getting dressed up as an Ewok. Non-negotiable.

  2. I see my padawan Ainsley and her mom (boba) made the list. :)

  3. Eleni - The Ewok was to die for. He threw a tantrum shortly after this photo was taken. That also managed to be cute.

    Jedi-J - Yes! I finally got officially meet them on Saturday (Ainsley was Ahsoka that day) through a friend. They are so nice and awesome, and I got one of Ainsley's card. She is such a trooper (I know, bad pun). :D

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