November 4, 2010

Favorite Finds from Long Beach Comic Con

One more post about Long Beach Comic Con.  These are some of my favorite creators at the show:

Little Vampires - Dear internet: Why has no one ever shoved Rebecca Hicks and the Little Vampires webcomic under my nose?  This sort of thing is exactly what makes me squee.  Just like it says, it's about tiny vampires and other monsters.  And she had a print of Firefly characters as monsters.  It was love at first sight.

Zombie Ranch - Okay, I already knew the Zombie Ranch webcomic before the show, but maybe you don't.  And you should.  First of all, zombies.  Secondly, great art and story.  It will make you think about our flesh eating... friends.  Or once friends.  The artist behind the comic, Dawn Wolf, also had lots of lovely prints and sketchcards available.  You can view her art here.

Justin C. Orr - I was sent to this booth by my friend, and I'm really glad I made it over there.  I love Orr's backgrounds, character poses, and colors.  I picked up his 100 page art book, and I've already flipped through it more than once and stared at several pages.  I encourage you to flip through the artwork section of his website.

Tom Hodges - If you read The Clone Wars webcomic, then you will probably recognize Tom Hodges work.  Or if you're a Star Wars fan at all.  I first learned about his work because of Star Wars.  I was able to snag a commission of Mara Jade at San Diego Comic Con from him.  I also have drooled over (but not on) his amazing Star Wars/Disneyland print created for Celebration V.  It is always a pleasure to flip through his portfolio that is not all Star Wars.  You can find superheroes, Disney, and lots more.  I particularly love his new Sally print.

Just Jenn Designs - Besides being an incredible maker of cupcakes and thrower of the most amazing Star Wars party ever, Jenn creates adorable and nifty prints, buttons, and stationery.  She had her products on display on Sunday at The Comic Bug booth.  I squee'd over the Superheroes & Sweets prints and practically everything else.  She is creative, and I bet you'll find something for you or someone else at her site.

Shing Khor - Specimen 7 - I was walking down a row in Artist Alley when I noticed tentacles sticking out of a wood plaque.  I stopped and turned around.  My eyes went to cute plushies to creative little spooky creatures to postcards to a great printed webcomic.  It all had a connecting monster theme.  I LOVED everything.  And the creator was incredibly sweet.  The webcomic is unique in that it is photographed sculptures instead of drawn.  So cool.  Go, check out the site now. 

Hopefully one of these creators will catch your eye too!


  1. I'm digging Zombie Ranch. Thanks for the handy links. ^_^

  2. Yay! I'm always happy to be an enabler. :D

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