November 13, 2010

Lots of Links

There really are a lot of links I've got saved up from the past couple of weeks.  Enjoy!

Chinese Profanity in Firefly - This article from Topless Robot covers the best curses in Firefly.  You'll learn about when they were used, the Chinese characters, and how to pronounce the phrase.  Awesome.

Dragon Scale bag - You would make the rest of your gaming group incredibly envious with this bag.  It also would work nicely as part of a renaissance faire or pirate costume.

Female Character Flowchart - An eye-opening and a bit sad look at stereotypical female characters.

Star Wars Set in Dubai? - This article showcases photography by Cedric Delsaux.  He took photos in Dubai and then came back home and shot Star Wars ships and figures.  Then he combined the too, and it looks like Star Wars just belongs.  The photos are seamless and striking.

Interview with Bear McCreary - Teresa Jusino interviews McCreary about Human Target, his blog, and yes, Battlestar Galactica.  If you are a fan of his music, you should check out this interview.  If you are not familiar with Bear McCreary and you enjoy wonderful scores, then please go Google him now.

Top 5 Reasons Why The Phantom Menace is the Best of the Prequels - Elliott Serrano discusses why The Phantom Menace is the best of the three.  I have to admit that I mostly fast forward through the movie until Duel of the Fates.  But.  Serrano makes some good points.

FREE Serenity Comic - Dark Horse and USA Today worked together to bring us a free comic about a regular day aboard Serenity.  It's called Downtime, and it's penned by Zack Whedon.  It will leave you wanting more, but I'm guessing most Firefly fans are like me - we always want more but we'll take what we can get.

Thoughts on TeslaCon by Cherie M. Priest - Cherie Priest (author of Boneshaker and Dreadnought among others) talks about why TeslaCon worked.  The convention was a full immersian steampunk gathering that capped attendance at just a few hundred people.  Her description of the event is really making me consider attending next year.


  1. I just found your blog today. I might be a little in love. I can't believe you met Nathan Fillion. *swoon*

  2. Haha, that is just the kind of feedback I love to hear. :)

    I can't believe I met him either. I also can't believe I didn't go completely fangirl and embarass myself!

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