November 22, 2010

A Love Letter to the Millennium Falcon

Dear M. Falcon,

I thought it was time that you know about my feelings for you. If you were mine, I would never put you on the table in a game of sabacc.

You are, without doubt, the most comely of ships to fly through the black corridors of space. Your shape was also inspired by a hamburger; I find this to add to your beauty. Your speed is practically unparalleled. Too much credit goes to the pilot for getting you through the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs. We know just how much of that was due to your grace.

I watched the ships of Star Trek soar across my television without any real emotional attachment. Sure, they were sleek and attractive. But you. When I first saw you, I knew you were different. You oozed character and history. You were like the subtly scarred and dangerous person in the corner of every dive bar. Plus, you can blend in with trash like no other ship out there. Even during your construction in the shipyards at the Orbital Assembly Shipyards, the workers knew you were one in a million. You have flown all over the galaxy and changed names more than a secret agent. You served the Corell Industries Limited, smugglers, the Commercial Combine, the Senate, the Jedi (I won't tease you for being called the Stellar Envoy), crime lords, and Rebels. Though one Quip Fargil bestowed your true name upon you, he couldn't hold you. Your stubbon nature was meant for smuggling though... and saving the Rebels on a regular basis.

"Take good care of her, Solo. That ship saved my life quite a few times over the years."
- Lando Calrissian

I even made a Millennium Falcon apple pie in your honor. I know it is not as valuable a tribute as credits, but I have a feeling you'll appreciate the thought. If that is not sufficient to win your love in return, I am starting a collection of replicas so I can build a shrine in your honor.

I admit that I was distracted by the comely shape of Serenity, that Firefly class transport ship with oh so many nooks and crannies, but I was wrong to stray. You will always be my first and true love.

Yours always,

Thank you for history..
Post inspired by Jen at EPBOT.
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  1. Still my favorite ship in all the saga.

    I just wish they found a way to incorporate it into the Prequels as a main ship.

    It would have been cool to see Obi-Wan and Anakin using it.

  2. It made a brief cameo in Episode III, but that's about it...

  3. I still wonder where the weapon pods they climb into in Ep III are. I can't find them in the external view.

  4. @Dormition --> was a "blink and you miss it thing."

    @Princess --> You mean the gun turrets Han and Luke used in Episode IV? They are on the very top and bottom of the ship's center line.

  5. How wonderful! Thank you Amy. I confess, I couldn't believe how emotional I felt at seeing NCC-1701 back on the big screen, and I have also been somewhat seduced by the same Firefly class ship; but every damned time Mal Reynolds says, "Love ..." and in my mind's eye I'm seeing the Falcon.

  6. Ah, I haven't seen the short Episode III cameo before. Thanks for the link!

    Wendy - When he says that line, I think of the Falcon too. :)

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