November 10, 2010

Visiting the Set of Castle

Because I have an awesome friend who is currently working on the set of Castle, I got to visit the set about a week and a half ago.  I love the show, and I'm a huge fan of Nathan Fillion (duh).  If you are wondering why I consider this worthy of a blog post, it involves Nathan Fillion.  The end. 

Though I've been an alien extra in a science fiction B movie, I haven't visited a set that is anything like this.  The show is in its third season, and several permanent sets are built within the studio.  I endeavored not to be the squee'ing fangirl, but I mostly failed.  I said, "WOW" about a million times and practically skipped through the stage.  Someone asked if I was visiting from out of town, so I can only assume that I came across as an overly excited bumpkin from the Midwest.  Which I kind of am, but I've been in LA for four years.  So many people work in the "business" here that they forget what it's like for outsiders.  It's not our dayjob, and we think it's magical.

I arrived to the studio around midday.  My friend showed me around the set they were building for an upcoming episode, Last Call airing December 6.  The episode takes Castle & Beckett into some tunnels and passageways under New York City.  The passageway that was in progress was gorgeous.  I painted a single line on one of the bricks on the set, and I'm going to pretend that I can spot it when the episode airs.  After I drooled appropriately over the faux treatments (seriously, what people do with paintbrushes!), I visited the rest of the standing sets. 

We went through Castle's apartment.  I would like to move in there even more now.  I was very envious of the bookshelves in the office.  I had to clasp my hands to stop myself from touching things.  Messing up continuity is frowned upon.  I think I did accidentally end up in some camera phone pictures that someone was taking of Castle's desk for that purpose.  Then I turned the corner and we were headed towards the morgue when I saw the murder board!  I stopped in my tracks and declared this way too loudly.  Then we visited the morgue, I got spooked by a creepy dummy.  Some prop bottles of scotch whiskey were on the metal exam table, keep an eye out for them in the episode.  Then we walked into the interrogation room (insert more squee'ing) and the police station.  If you notice the "most wanted" posters in the background, the faces belong to the crew on the show.  Mostly the art department I think.  I could not stop myself from sitting in Castle's chair by Beckett's desk.

With the tour finished, there was just one thing left, hopefully meeting Nathan Fillion.  I wanted to give him the Millennium Falcon magnet that is cast from an original ILM mold (like the one in my post about the Millennium Falcon apple pie).  My friend asked the assistant director (I think), and she told us that Nathan was making a sandwich but would be out in a moment.  The mention of the Millennium Falcon intrigued him.  He walked out with an impressive looking sandwich and was nice enough to shake hands and be super nice.  He said thanks for coming out, and I think he rather liked the magnet.  Besides loving Star Wars, he also likes refrigerator magnets.  Who knew?  He seemed very busy, so I kept it short (which also prevented fangirl drooling).  It was a very awesome moment.

Hopefully the show has a long run AND my friend keeps working on it so I can visit again.  I didn't take near enough photos after all.


  1. Good for you, that's super awesome.

  2. I'm quite jealous. I would be surprised they let you take any pics at all!

  3. Squeeeee! Nathan Fillion!!! You're so lucky!

    Yeah, I don't know if I'd be able to keep my cool if I ever get a chance to meet him. But he seems like such a genuinely nice (and funny) guy, which is awesome. Did you get a photo taken with him? Or just shots on the set?

    Castle seems to be doing well for now. It's been beating Hawaii Five-0 in the time slot for a number of weeks. I'd love a chance to tour the Hawaii Five-0 set, though more likely I could hunt them down and "happen upon" one of their many location shoots. I wonder if I could keep my cool if I ever got to meet Grace Park.

  4. That's so wonderful! I love that you gave him a millenium falcon magnet, that is awesome.



  6. It was sooo amazing.

    xocc - well, I don't know if they let us really. I was kinda sneaky about it. :) I think as long as it's every episode set sort of stuff that they don't mind so much. But I didn't really ask.

    Eleni - No photo with Nathan sadly. He seemed like he was in a hurry, and it wasn't the time to ask. I hope the show has a good, long run.

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