December 23, 2010

7 Geeky Holiday Cards

Seeing so many wonderful geek themed holiday cards this year has already got me thinking about next year's card.  Of course, I won't acually act on any of those ideas until around December 14 of next year.  Enjoy some of my favorites and one of my designs!

HTML Christmas card - Sure, #FFFFFF might not have the same ring to it when Bing Crosby sings it out, but it's still funny.

Nintendo Christmas Card

Cthulhu Christmas Card - This is a do it yourself project.  It's adorable, and I like the Nightmare Before Christmas reference.

May You Find Everything You're Looking for This Holiday Season - This was one of my Star Wars holiday cards this year.

Dr. Who Happy Christmas - I almost want a dress inspired by the Dalek in this card.

Justice Christmas - The Justice League celebrates.  I have a hunch that Batman was singing out of tune, and that's why he looks so sad.

Make it Snow


  1. Hahaha! That last "Make it snow" made me laugh out loud. I love your Star Wars one! Very well done :)

  2. i agree with eleni. that make it snow one was hilarious. i think the placement made it so <3


  3. And Picard should always be wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. :D

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