December 20, 2010

Caption This: Star Wars Christmas Greeting

This holiday season, I wanted to make my own Star Wars themed Christmas cards.  Being that I can't so much draw, I decided that photography was the way to go.  I set up a mini photo studio on my dining room table and pulled out lots of Star Wars action figures and holiday accessories and played around for an hour or so.  I spent at least that much time polishing the final candidates in Photoshop.  I printed three designs, and I'll be sharing them later this week.  This picture was almost good enough.  But it needs a caption!  I'm leaving that to you guys. 

Caption this!


  1. I wonder what it is?

    I'll tell you what it's not, Dave. It's not those droids we were looking for.

  2. "Step 1: You cut a hole in the box..."

  3. For the petulant Sith Lord who has everything...

  4. "It must be for Luke"
    "How do you know" ?
    "Lord Vader felt his Presents" !

  5. For the Death Star II, we've the disguised the Tractor Beam Controls in this Ornament. Whaddaya think?

  6. "Look what I found in the hold of that hunk of junk."
    "You can't take that."
    "What? Like Han Solo is going to file a complaint?"

    May the FORCE be with you and bring you many happy surprises.

  7. Good news and bad news. The bad news is we lost the ship with the droits you're looking for.
    The good news is we got you this really great gift.

  8. Darn those petulant Sith lords.

    You are all most excellent!

  9. ST1: "Is it yours?"

    ST2: "Dunno, can't read the tag with this dark helmet visor."


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