December 14, 2010

Clone Wars 3.5 Preview - WOW

I saw this preview in all its beautiful, big screen glory at the Savage Opress screening last week (aw, come on - I have to rub it in a little).  I couldn't wait until the trailer was released online so I could watch it again and again.  It looks like the last half of season 3 will be an emotionally charged and powerful ride.  The action-packed minute peek is set to "Duel of the Fates."  The emphasis is action, drama, and story.  And let me repeat - wow!  We'll have plenty of eye candy to drool over.  The animation and graphics look more incredible than ever.  How do they keep raising the bar?

I can't wait until January to see this start unfolding.  Until then, I will watch this more times than is reasonable and obsess over the last scene!

In case the video link stops working, you can visit the Entertainment Weekly article with the trailer exclusive.


  1. What in the split second was that!?!! WOW is right! I haven't been watching CW since I got bored with it back in the middle of season 2. I know...shameful of me. This looks really good. I may have to begin watching again. :)

  2. Jedi-J - Well, I will admit that the first half of season 3 is less than exciting. There's a lot of politics. But all of season 2 is good. I think you should definitely give it another chance. :)

    Trish & Gremlin582 - Exactly!!

  3. I was kinda diggin the 1st half of Season 3.... but i'm a real life political junkie too, so the Senate stuff appealed to me. but this preview just looks AWESOME!!!!!!!

    and the end.... Ahsoka attackin Anakin..... is she brainwashed by the Sithy looking dude, or does Anakin do something ridiculously Dark side that makes her go after him?

  4. William - I'm hoping it's a nightmare or something!

  5. ooooh.... a Force Vision..... hadn't considered that....

    I feel that Qui-Gon would be disappointed in me, letting my Focus wander again.

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