December 4, 2010

The Coolest Way to Receive a Dr. Horrible DVD

Two years ago, I received the Dr. Horrible DVD for Christmas.  I had watched it online of course and loved it but kept forgetting to order the DVD when it came out.  A family member not only got it for me, but presented the DVD in perhaps the coolest way possible.  I encourage going this route if you are getting Dr. Horrible for someone. 

I received various clues.  I opened one present in between other people opening gifts so that it was spaced out. 

Present/Clue #1
Dr Horrible present 1
Yes, it smelled like cumin.

Present/Clue #2
Dr Horrible present 2
"This is his hair."

Present/Clue #3
Dr Horrible present 3 Dr Horrible present 4
"This is his dry cleaning bill - four sweater vests."

Present/Clue #4
Dr Horrible present 5 Dr Horrible present 6
Bad Horse (he's still propped up in the corner of my bedroom)

Of course, I'd figured it out after the first present, as most geeks would.  But it was so cool, especially since half the people watching were really confused.  The final present was of course the DVD, and it has since been watched about a million times.  If you go this route, you can add the Dr. Horrible comic trade too!


  1. Hahaha, that is so awesome! "Smells like cumin." Did you really get four sweater vests? What did you do with them?

  2. Eleni - I did! One was technically a sweater dress. I wear the sweater dress sometimes, but the rest I ended up giving to Goodwill. :D

    Rachel - It was squee-worthy!

  3. OOH, i have the trade and it's effin' sweet <3 can't wait to own it on dvd either! didn't even it know it was ON dvd!


  4. this is so cool. your family rocks.

  5. Leia - Yes! And there is amazing musical commentary and funny extras.

    Sawdust Bear - sometimes, they are pretty cool.

  6. That's awesome! I finally got Dr. Horrible for Christmas on blu-ray last year, and it made me quite happy. But it definitely was not packaged as cool as yours.

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